Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

So everybody is giving their take on the Vegas getting cheated on story, because who doesn’t have an opinion on the personal lives of celebrities, right?

And speaking about everybody having a view on celebrities and their personal lives, Tony Matterhorn has been having a blast with this new scandal; having his own twitter court session, with his own set of jurors (his followers).

With that said, of course I have something to say about it too.   Last time, I just gave a run down on what supposedly took place from both points of view (Vegas and Baby mama).  This time I will just say what I think about certain aspects of the story.

According to the baby mother, whose name is Shelly; she did not cheat on Vegas because they were not together, even though she was still living in his house.

She also said that the child walked in on them having sex, she had not meant for that to happen (duh, of course she didn’t) but as far as this part of the story goes, even though I am a woman and am tempted to take the woman’s side, I have to say that, (her taking a man inside Vegas’ house) should have not have happened.

Mr Vegas and Shellian. Photo courtesy

Even if they were broken up, respect is still due, he is after all the father of her child, and he was kind enough to let her stay, even after they had broken up.

And even if she was going to bring a man to the home of her child’s father, that man should not have been there while her child was there also, and this goes, whether that child was sleeping or not.

As for Vegas putting her on blast on Facebook, that too was out of line.  She is after all, the mother of his child at the end of all this and always be.  Yes the child is just one year old now but these things come back to haunt us later on at the most inconvenient of moments.

Yes he may have been hurt at the time and what not, but when all the hurt has subsided, she will still be his child’s mother and deserves that respect, for the child’s sake even if not for hers.