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Miss Jamaica UK 2013 woos audience with beauty and intellegence

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In pageant news. The prestigious Miss Jamaica UK beauty pageant which has been running successfully for 20 years was held on Saturday 30th November 2013, at The Camden Centre in Kings Cross, London. This organisation is a ‘positive platform from which young women of Jamaican heritage can showcase their talents, ambition, intelligence and beauty’ and is founded by Jamaica’s very own June Daley. She is the President of Miss Jamaica UK and 2013 Female Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

Former Miss Jamaica UK 2012 finalist Maria M. Marshall better known as Scorpio, and her dancers opened the stage with a creative performance filled with: acting, summersaults, dancing and rapping. After the first act had warmed up the stage, a young man by the name of Kleon West blessed the ears and hearts of the audience as he sang Amazing Grace and the Jamaica National Anthem ever so gracefully. The Camden Centre came alive as the entire venue stood up and Jamaicans sang their national anthem proudly in unison.

Miss Jamaica 2013

Swim wear was the first segment of this year’s contest; 13 exquisite Jamaican women modelled in ‘OMGOSH Designs’ new collection. You could tell which contestants had brought their entire fan club with them as cheers, clapping and whistling echoed around the Camden Centre. The sweet smiles of the hopeful beauty queens lit up the jam-packed scene. Undoubtedly, the heat was on as the young ladies stepped across the stage with their toned tummies, thighs and legs. Many folks must have believed that they were on an exotic beach in the Caribbean. Each contestant modelled the stylish and exclusive one piece swimming costume which was a backless black and white horizontal stripe crop top with yellow long sleeves, black and white stripe bikini bottoms which was merged with the designer’s signature ‘O’ at the front.

Followed shortly after the intermission, was the second segment of the programme, evening wear. The 13 gorgeous delegates glided across the stage in their long elegant gowns. An array of gold, silver, blue and red sequins added the sparkling touch to the contestants individually.  Photographers leapt into position to capture the stunning ladies who stood with poise in their high heeled shoes. Family members, friends and colleagues cheered on their favourite girls as they wooed the judges with their flattering smiles and aesthetic catwalks which were thought to them by the pageant choreographer guru Reuben P Joseph.

Miss Jamaica 2013

The third and final segment of Miss Jamaica UK 2013, was the question and answer round. You could have heard a pin drop, in the venue. That’s how quiet it was; as the comperes asked the questions which determined the fate of every single contestant who desired to follow in the admirable footsteps of Miss Jamaica UK 2012 Gemma Feare. Every contestant delivered very insightful and passionate responses, some more in depth and well structured than others. This was evident from the response of the attendees. Nonetheless, most of the answers were educational and insightful. The girls did Jamaica proud!

Miss Jamaica 2013

Being a moderator of this beauty pageant must have been complex for the panel of judges, as all delegates were worthy queens in one way of another. The judges were given time to add up their scores and select their winner. After much deliberation, the final 5 were chosen; there and then it was quite clear who was going to walk away with the enviable title, crown and trip to Jamaica. The comperes put the apprehensive audience out of their misery by announcing the bubbly Mirian Lee as the 2nd Runner Up, 1st Runner Up the dazzling Michelle Stewart and the charming Cherelle Rose Patterson as this year’s winner of Miss Jamaica UK 2013. The new queens were greeted, and crowned by the former winners of Miss Jamaica UK 2012.

CaribDirect wishes Miss Jamaica UK 2013 a prosperous reign as the new queen and ambassador of Jamaica in the United Kingdom.

Miss Jamaica 2013




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