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Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

In entertainment news. Recently I have been seeing pictures circulating on social media, taken at Dancehall sessions; featuring females “dancing” with building blocks, “coal stoves” and car rims on their faces.  So the female would be laying down on her back; usually engaged in some acrobatic leg movements; and then there is one of the three mentioned items placed on her face.

There is no need to reread the words that came after the semicolon; you read it right the first time.  In one of the photos that I saw, the female was in position, with building block in face; and there was a male standing over her with his foot on top of the building block which was on top of her face.  In another photo; again, the female was in position, and there was a car rim place on her face and inside the car rim was a coal stove, turned down.

Honestly, the first time I saw one of those pictures, I wasn’t even amused.  I didn’t even crack a smile; and anyone who knows me will tell you that, I am very easily amused.  However, those images annoyed and angered me, more than anything.  I just could not fathom, why someone –anyone, be it male or female; would consent to “dancing” with a building block or car rim on top of your face.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Is this really what dancehall has become?  Now I have seen the videos of females being thrown off building tops, in the name of dancing and I have seen females dancing on the ground, rolling around in the dirt; but this latest dance craze is just plain madness.

I have always been on the defensive, when it comes to dancehall music.  I have always been a defender of the music and the culture, but this time, things have gone too far.  As a defender and supporter of dancehall music and culture (to some extent), I was embarrassed when I saw these females.  This is not the culture that I support and I hope and pray that this is just a fad that will quickly disappear before more fools come on board to play follow the leader.