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King Jammy Destroys The Virus with Dub

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King Jammy Destroys The Virus With Dub finds Jamaican producer, mixing engineer and Reggae icon King Jammy emerging from his famed Waterhouse studio in Kingston, Jamaica with 12 new dub mixes from his original master recordings. 
The Brief
On King Jammy Destroys The Virus With Dub, Jammy went back to his multi-track master recordings from the 70s-90s and remixed new dub versions of classic recordings, a follow-up to Waterhouse Dub, released by VP Records in 2017. 
King Jammy’s influence on the development of dub music and reggae production in his five-decade career is incalculable. His impact was highlighted most recently in XL2’s “Way In My Brain,” the soundtrack used for Facebook’s 2021 rebranding as Meta. King Jammy Destroys The Virus With Dub is a reminder of the producer’s enduring catalog and skill at the mixing board.  
What King Jammy Says  
“To this day, I love mixing and I love mixing dubs. Getting back to the master tapes is like going back in time and really brings back memories of all these great singers musicians who I’ve worked with. When you mix, you can highlight different aspects of the recording – whether it’s the singers or any of the individual instruments.  A dub mix brings them through space and time and colors each part with echo, reverb, and phasing. Each time I do a new mix, I get a different view of the song, but it’s all done live, spontaneous. This project was a pleasure to work on, and I brought together riddims from the early years, like Black Uhuru, Sugar Minott, and Barry Brown, and then moving in the late 80s and 90s with Junior Delgado, Gregory Isaacs, and Frankie Paul. I hope my fans will enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I did while I was making the album.” Feature photo and article courtesy VP Records.
Track Details 
Song Title:  Closed Border Dub
Genre: Reggae / Dub
Label:  Greensleeves
Release Date:  March 18th, 2022
Catalog Number:   VPGS2731
UPC Number:  054645273169
ISRC Number:  USVPR2100005 



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