Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

It is official everybody is mad; as Predator preached in his popular song “Mad, Sick, Head Nuh Good”. How else can you explain parents agreeing to make out with their children as a prank?

I watched with utter dismay as students were blind folded and told that someone special was going to make out with them. Well, this special someone was their parent of the opposite sex. If it was a peck then that would be bad and not so bad. However, we saw where the parents were French kissing their children; I mean one mother was making out with her son on the floor and another was putting her son’s hand on her bottom.

If those parents were honest with themselves and watched their action on video; I wonder how they would evaluate themselves. Or more seriously how would they react if it was another adult in their age group making out with their children?

Have we become a society where anything goes in the name of having a good laugh? The audience mostly made up of teenagers saw the humour in it. On the other hand, how else are they supposed to behave? It is their parents; their role models that are “entertaining” them. After all, the adults are the ones that are supposed to be guiding their children.

My dad loves me...or does he?

The question really is how should the wider society react? The honest answer is I am not sure. There is an outcry for the parents to be disciplined. But how are you going to discipline a parent; for kissing his/her own child?

This is where the problem is. We are an over exposed society who believes that the boundary must be continually widened. Thus we are no longer sure where the limit is because it is natural and acceptable for us to want to exceed the limit.

So if it is man’s destiny to want to extend himself and go over the boundary first before someone else accomplishes the feat before him.  Then is it not paradoxical to tell him to be careful because there is an imaginary line that he must not cross over. To restate, it is totally unacceptable to make out with one’s teenage child even if it was only done in good humour.