Reports from Spy News Agency indicates that most if not all producers of long grain rice in China are resorting to the production of rice granules from the illegal use of plastic – thus mixing the said plastic rice with natural rice for commercial exportation to African countries including Ghana.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

The plastic rice, which is feared to be a major causative factor in gastritis and other stomach related disease are being produced through the use of biotechnological systems is feared to be, if not immediately impounded, consumed largely by Africa which happens to be the continent with the largest Chinese rice consumption rate.

So far, experts say there is no scientific rice testing method developed yet to detect this artificial rice from the original ones produced at the various points of entry into countries.  Scientists are therefore being called upon all over the world to help avert the cancerous agenda being embarked on by some industry players to cause disease and death on mass scale.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is to begin checking samples of rice on the market, especially those from China and also to educate importers on the dangers of importing unwholesome food substances into the country.

Below is a leaked video of a rice mill in China largely producing the said plastic rice. Article courtesy