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In St Vincent and the Grenadines news. (Clifton, Union Island October 28th, 2013) –  People on Union Island and Mayreau depend on the marine resources, such as, the Tobago Cays Marine Park (TCMP) for their main source of income. It’s no doubt fishing and tourism is their main stay.

However, due to the economic downturn, things have become even more difficult for fishers and other stakeholders who primarily depend on the tourist season to keep them afloat, especially through the use of the TCMP.

Seeing there is a need to address this problem and assist in improving the lives of people, Sustainable Grenadines Inc (SusGren) is implementing a livelihood project to address some of the issues being faced presently. This is being done through the leadership and support of CARIBSAVE under its Caribbean Fish Sanctuary Partnership (C-Fish) initiative.

Tobago Cays Photo courtesy islandtimeholidayscom

Tobago Cays. Photo courtesy islandtimeholidays.com

As a result two one day workshops were held on Union Island and Mayreau on October 22nd – 23rd, 2013 respectively to give fishers and other stakeholders an opportunity to identify alternative livelihood they believe can improve their lives and earn them extra money.

Over 50 fishers and tourism operators attended the workshop and together they handpicked the most needed choices from 22 options of alternative livelihoods that were derived from a three week survey that was conducted on both islands in July- August y by CARIBSAVE.

During the workshop the main options that were chosen for possible livelihood alternatives were Craft Making, Training in Boat Building and Engine repairs for fishermen on Union and Mayreau, Sport Fishing and Fishing Co-operative.

SusGren as the implementing partner is hoping that these projects can start rolling out by the first quarter of next year.

The C-FISH project goal is to increase local stakeholders’ participation and compliance with the Tobago Cays Marine Park operations by providing resources, training and alternative livelihood opportunities.



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