Know Administration Essentials and Work with Salesforce at Professional Level by Proving Your Skills with Salesforce Administrator Certbolt Certification

As a Salesforce administrator, you can take your recognition to the next level by earning the relevant credential. The Salesforce Administrator certificate is the highest form of recognition that you can get in this category. It validates your expertise in the field and showcases your commitment to growing within the Salesforce domain.

The need to get this badge has increasingly become integral for the Salesforce professionals. It not only enhances your knowledge on the platform but also increases your chances when looking for work. Read on to learn more about the Salesforce Administrator Certbolt certification.

Key certification details

The Salesforce Administrator credential evaluates various skills and knowledge of the individuals, including their abilities to configure the Salesforce platform, manage the users, and find brilliant ways to make the most of the platform’s features and capabilities. The certificate is focused on a wide range of apps and features available to the end users. It also assessesthe candidates’ knowledge of the configuration and user management options enforced in Salesforce.

This track aims at those individuals who are interested in managing and configuring the platform. They should have a general understanding of the available features for the end users as well as the ways of how to configure Salesforce. In addition, you should be able to maintain an organization that uses this technology, address common business needs, and execute the administrative roles based on the existing Salesforce features. It is advisable that you have at least 6 months of experience prior to taking the exam.

Key exam details

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The Salesforce ADM-201 certification test generally covers 60 multiple-choice and 5 unscored questions. The main purpose of the Salesforce Admin unscored questions is to serve as a measure of the exam performance and understand whether the applicants cheated or not. It is impossible to identify these questions because they are a part of the test.

You have a maximum of 105 minutes to answer all the questions. The passing score is capped at 65%. Failure to meet this cut-off warrants a retake, for which you should pay half the initial exam fee, which is $200 when you take the test for the first time. You should also know that Salesforce works in collaboration with Kryterion, an organization with its testing centers spread across the globe. We recommend that you schedule your exam at least a week prior to the preferred date to have time for preparation. Some candidates take more time, but it is up to you. The most important is to learn all the topics with the help of reliable materials. Thus, you can go for training courses, study guides, practice tests, and exam dumps.

Delivery options

Once you have registered for the exam online, you can decide where you want to take the test. There are two options, which includean onsite proctored or an online proctored delivery. The first option entails choosing a local testing center. In this case, you need to consider the date and time when you will be ready for the exam.

You can also choose to have the test done online. In this case, you do not have to leave your home to earn the Salesforce credential. For this option, you need a computer that has a webcam because an examinee has to be able to monitoryou. Furthermore, you are required to download software that records your screen while you are taking the test.


The Salesforce Administrator certification exam is the option that you must take if you want to be a certified administrator who knows what to do with Salesforce. However, it may be not easy for you to take the test without problems. Therefore, you need thorough preparation to protect yourself. Leverage both exam dumps and practice testsalong with other prep tools and you will succeed and eventually pass the exam on your first try.