Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

It was reported that an alleged homosexual was beaten by security guards on the University of Technology campus, after he sought their protection from students who wanted to beat him.

The vigilantes alleged that the male student and another male student were caught in a compromising position in one of the bathrooms on the university campus.

Another student caught on camera when the alleged homosexual male student was being held in the security post, and two of the security guards hit him several times.

Another student could be heard in the background shouting, “a unu alone waa have all a di fun?” after they realized that the student would not be released to them, but instead would just have been “punished” by the security guards only.

Other students could also be heard in the background hurling hateful statements at the alleged homosexual.

when I saw the video clip, I was angry at the ‘vigilantes’ and even more so at the security guards, whose jobs it was to protect this student from harm while on the university campus.

I was also sympathetic towards the student who was humiliated and on top of that, as if that was not enough; physically abused by those whose job it was to protect him.

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The worst part about this story is that, the claims made against the student were all allegations.  I can bet that the majority of the students who were standing at that security post, saying, ‘crucify him’ have no proof that the male student was indeed caught in a compromising position with another male in a bathroom.  It was just another case of ‘follow fashin monkeys’.

And another, thing:  Could this be a case of homophobia taken too far; both on the part of the students and security guards.

Did the guards forget that they were at work, and when at work, one should put on a professional demeanor? If you are homophobic, you do not need to take that attitude with you to work.

But I guess they had to learn the hard way, because they got fired; which is right.