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Help Me Find Sylvannie The Grave Robber From The Caribbean

by Authentic Chick
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Dear Authentic Chick, 

Howdy! I am from Pennsylvania. I don’t know how else to reach out to a Caribbean woman with whom I have had a very satisfying relationship for the past two years. The only name I have is Sylvannie. The other thing is that she claimed that her grandfather died and took me to a funeral home here in the States. I paid for everything. What I didn’t tell her was that the jacket that I gave her to place on her grandfather’s body didn’t belong to me. It was my brother’s jacket and he told me that he had hidden gold plated dentures in the left breast pocket. I was there when the old man was dressed so I know for sure where those dentures are right now. I am not sure which of the islands that Sylvannie is from and she has left the states without a forwarding address. Can you help me locate her? I am desperate as those gold dentures are worth thousands. My brother is not speaking to me at the moment and I have no idea when Sylvannie is likely to return to the states. Her whatsapp number is not working. I am not accusing her of stealing from me or anything like that but I need help to find her and retrieve those dentures. Thanks. 

In a deep hole!

Hey, hey, hey deep hole!

This is huge. Thanks for sharing your story and if anyone is reading this, maybe they can help because I certainly can’t!

Where is Sylvannie from? An island in the Caribbean! Come on man, in this day and age, no one would believe that you had a relationship with a woman and don’t know from which of the Caribbean islands she came! No sir. 

By the way, Caribbean folks don’t greet each other with “howdy” and I don’t believe your story. If you so much as try to get on to Sylvannie, look, I hope that you and her make things right because, dude… you sound as if you stole your brother’s jacket to “dress” her dead grandfather. Trying to impress even the dead eh?

May his soul rest in peace. How would she have known that in the pocket of the said jacket there is a gold plated denture?

If this story is true, and if I were her and somehow read this story that you have submitted here, I would personally have it out with you. Ain’t no grave going to be dug up to retrieve any gold plated dentures if that man was my beloved grandfather.

I hope that this is just a big old joke!


Authentic Chick
Authentic Chick

Hi I’m Ms Frederick an experienced writer with lots of life experience and strong research skills. Welcome to my column ‘Authentic Chick’ which is about providing genuine answers to readers in an entertaining, non-judgmental atmosphere. I am a mother of two adult sons, a creative writer, trained teacher, retired diplomat and civil servant! I hold a PhD in Law and prefer to remain as a ghost writer! All answers to your questions will be well researched and the major objective is to offer solutions that are realistic and reliable. I look forward to your responses…don’t be shy!


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