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Guyana’s Journey to Becoming a Top Choice for Investors

by Dr Terrence Blackman
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Dear Colleagues,

Our fondest 2024 wishes to you and your families.

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the first webinar of 2024 as part of the Transforming Guyana Series, presented by the Guyana Business Journal (GBJ) in collaboration with the Caribbean Policy Consortium.

Event Details:
Title: Guyana’s Journey to Becoming a Top Choice for Investors in the Emerging Era of Oil and Gas
Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Time: 10:30 AM EST

This webinar is a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to explore the dynamic landscape of Guyana’s economic transformation, especially in the context of the rapidly emerging oil and gas industry.

Webinar Overview:
The webinar, titled “Guyana’s Journey to Becoming a Top Choice for Investors,” is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Guyana’s opportunities to foreign and domestic investors amid the oil and gas boom. 

Our esteemed panel of experts will delve into the critical aspects of investment promotion and the strategic positioning of Guyana as an attractive destination for capital deployment.

– Rosalinda Rasul
– Patricia Francia
– Joel Bhagwandin
– Stacey Mollison

– Terrence Blackman
– David Lewis

We believe that participating in this webinar will expand your knowledge and foster meaningful connections with key stakeholders. Your presence is highly valued, and we encourage you to register for this insightful event.

Registration Information:
To secure your spot for this transformative webinar, please click on the registration link https://hopin.com/events/transforming-guyana-season-ii-episode-viii-investment-promotion-positioning-guyana-as-an-attractive-destination-for-foreign-investment-cf4d46ad-7129-4c19-b884-e42f0729187c

We look forward to your presence at Season II, Episode VIII of the Transforming Guyana Series. 

Together, we can explore Guyana’s boundless potential in this exciting era of growth and development.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at terrence.blackman@guyanabusinessjournal.com.

Thank you for your continued support, and we eagerly anticipate your participation in this event.

Dr Terrence Blackman

Dr Terrence Blackman

Dr. Terrence Richard Blackman is a member of the Guyanese diaspora. He is an associate professor of mathematics and a founding member of the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics at Medgar Evers College. He is a former Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Professor at MIT and a member of The School of Mathematics at The Institute for Advanced Study. He previously served as Chair of the Mathematics Department and Dean of the School of Science Health and Technology at Medgar Evers College, where he has worked for more than twenty-five years. He graduated from Queen’s College, Guyana, Brooklyn College, CUNY, and the City University of New York Graduate School.


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