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The BBC has contacted the High Commission for Grenada to request a listing of Grenadians who can participate in an amateur story-telling programme on BBC4 pertaining to Caribbean humour. Persons from Grenada and other Caribbean countries will be expected to simply tell their favourite jokes.

Please see note from the BBC below outlining the programme:

BBC4 is currently making a programme about Caribbean humour. Last year we broadcasted a programme called Old Jews Telling Jokes:  It was popular, so much so we’re now making a series showcasing gags from other communities and are now doing West Indians telling Jokes.

The programme is half an hour and features enthusiastic amateurs (no professional comics) telling their favourite jokes. The Jews programme was culturally illuminating as these had been jokes they’d been telling each other for years, so together formed a kind of oral history (although still funny we hope). Here’s a link to a clip to give you a better idea of what I mean:

With West Indians Telling Jokes we really want to capture the humour of the various Caribbean islands. So we’re currently on the hunt for ordinary, enthusiastic people who might be interested in being involved. We would very much like some Grenadians involved if we can and would be very grateful for any advice you could give us to access that community here in Britain.

All interested persons are asked to send an e-mail to urgently.