Staff writer Eunice Nisbett

I have always been fascinated by the variety of fruits in the Caribbean and the different names by which we call them. Whether it is Breadnut or Chataigne; Apricot or Mansiport; we do look forward to indulging in our fruits when we go home.

Here are some variations in names of a few Caribbean fruits.


Avocados, Zaboca, Pear

Bananas, Ripe Fig,

Carambola, Star Fruit

Custard Apple, Cachiman

Golden Apple, June Plum

Guineps, Kennip, Skinnip, Ackee

Soursop, Sweetsop

Sugar Apple…

Do you know of any variations to the above names? What is your favourite Caribbean fruit, and how is it called in your country? Want to share a photo of a fruit – then go right ahead. Let’s see how many Caribbean fruits we can name.

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