So I was discussing the topic of freaky, kinky acts with a couple classmates. Let’s just say that for now these are non Caribbean folks. I discovered that fetishes, especially freaky fetishes are not a common or popular attribute to Caribbean people, which is a good thing to note.

A fetish is defined as an activity, or an object etc to which one is irrationally or exceptionally devoted. Freaky means bizarre or eccentric. Put the two words together and you acquire the meaning of a bizarre exceptional devotion to a specific object of activity. There are a few known fetishes such as Sadism and masochism (S&M, also title of one of Pop Diva Rihanna’s hits) and those with the penchant for feet and everything about it.

However, there are a few others out there that may shock you. (If I am wrong about the shock factor, then I humbly speak for myself). There is Chremastistophilia whereby an individual obtains sexual arousal by being robbed. I am not certain how the prospect or thought of being robbed would have that end result but perhaps my brain synapses are not configured that way. I know persons who have had the unpleasant experience of being relieved of personal property by a stranger and that was not the stimulated emotional response, in fact, very far from it.

Another one is Lactophilia; this is where an individual is aroused by the act of a woman breast feeding. I know that a woman’s breasts usually garner attention from a man but this one is crazy.

The top contender however was a recent appearance on Dr Phil with a young couple in their late twenty’s.   The boyfriend had a fetish of being and acting like an eighteen month toddler. Their apartment consists of all an Adult High Chair, Play pen and crib and even diapers. Yes, diapers where the girlfriend would have to change him when he soiled. The biggest question posed by Dr Phil was to the woman as to why on earth would she subject herself to this type of relationship. There is a saying that only love is for fools but in the cases with extreme fetishes, I think it is a question of mental state and capacity.