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Former TT Cricket Youth Captain congratulates Captain Darren Sammy

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Serial entrepreneur – Denis St Bernard

As a former Trinidad and Tobago cricket captain I know a thing or two about leadership (having lead T&T and Caribbean in sports and business.

I now head up the Caribbean Enterprise Network UK (CENUK), focusing on taking Caribbean SMEs to the international market).

Hearty congratulations to Darren Sammy and the West Indies Team. They have surely worked very, very  hard against all the odds to pull off some spectacular victories to become World T20 Champions.

They deserve  all the praise and rewards coming to them due to this success. As professionals and representing a region, who have been down in the dumps for a long time this symbolises a new leaf poised for a turnaround for West Indies Cricket, however, they now have to quickly put this celebration behind them and focus on taking this sort of approach, attitude, spirit and the will to win into all the other forms of the game.

Captain Darren Sammy

It is clear that we have the talent and ability to do this, but it will take this sort of ‘can do’ approach.

I, like every other Caribbean person feel a sense of pride, confidence and upliftment  by this victory, the feeling translates into every area of life in the Caribbean.

As a businessman I can see this already having a positive impact on the way my colleagues now approach business, with the same will to succeed and be more focused and disciplined.

Thanks once again West Indies for making us proud!



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