“Last night was magic. See you soon love sponge” read across the cell phone screen punctuated at the end with a smiley face. How dare he do this to me! Safiya held the phone in her hand reading the words from the text message again. Scrolling through the list she found a few more. All were exchanges of endearment and enthusiasm. Now everything began to make sense. The late hours at work, always keeping his cell phone on hand and the most hurtful is the lack of affection in the bedroom of late. He was creeping on her. She was mad, furious, not for the fact that he was cheating on her as it wasn’t the first. Flings were not an issue for her, hell she even had a few of those herself as it offered her a way of getting what she really needed and she liked the excitement. It was that this one seemed intimate rather than fleeting and emotional attachment involved.  That was definitely a problem.

She had never allowed herself to get entangled with her play things. Jason was her love, what they shared went beyond sex. It was a bond, they were in sync and they understand each other. Now all that they have is being threatened. Safiya shook her head, this she cannot allow. The text messages were nothing new. She had always monitored his phone not because of jealousy but to ensure she was aware and to protect what was hers. Any woman who thought her husband is faithful was a fool and in denial as ignorance was bliss for them. Sorry, it may be bliss but knowledge is power and she prefers power than bliss.  It has been six months with this same number. Six months was way too long. She places the cell down exactly as he had left it charging on the night stand on his side of the bed while he went to shower thinking she was asleep as he came in very late. She wasn’t angry; she just knew what she had to do.

Signs of cheating

The door opened as he came out wearing a towel. She faked a yawn and rolled over on her back. Looking at him in with glazed, half opened brown eyes seeming as she had just been stirred awake by his entrance into the bedroom.  “God, he is the sexiest man I know” she thought as she looked t his toned upper body. He wasn’t all bulging muscles, just toned and tight just the way she loved it. She suddenly felt in the mood and greeted him“ Hi baby, how was your day?” she purred sitting up just a little to let the sheet slide down to her waist revealing her voluptuous breasts, aptly certified by Jason  as “the wonderful twins”. She knew he got turned on just seeing them and that was her plan. “It was ok, just long and grueling, sorry I woke you honey” he said leaning over to kiss her forehead. Before he could move away, she caught his neck and moved her lips to his face, sharing a deep kiss, and then he moved down her neck. She spent the night doing her best, giving him her all and all his favourites. He gave all he had and was surprisingly quite amorous. She was determined to remind him of what they shared and everything that he loves about her. She poured herself into her lovemaking as that was what she felt.

Safiya wasn’t a conventional woman or wife who would call her man out for cheating on her when she found evidence. It was silly to do so as it would just lead to an argument, denial on his part, accusations on hers then issue of trust as the evidence put forward was her snooping around his cell phone ending in both of them angry and bitter in the wee hours of the morning. Her grandmother taught her that an unhappy home will push a man away for good into the other woman’s arms. She will eliminate this seemingly liaison that has been going on too long. She was excited about the prospect of fully winning her man all over again. She smiled to herself, sighing contently. The game was on and she loved the thrill of it…