Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

In Caribbean news. Its official, Tessanne Chin is The Voice 2013.  The winner was already decided from the semifinal night when she sang, Bridge over Troubled Waters which went number 1 on iTunes.

After that performance, her coach Adam Levine declared that performance the best he had seen in the history of the competition and the studio audience agreed, giving her the biggest applause of the night.

So it came as no surprise when the final three were announced and our girl was one of the three.

On the night of the final performance, her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” received similar comments as the night before.  So after two flawless performances on the final performance night; the other being the duet with her coach; it was now time for Jamaicans to do what they do best and campaign, campaign and campaign some more.

A victorious Tessanne. Photo courtesy

A victorious Tessanne. Photo courtesy

The People’s National Party and the Jamaican Labour Party had nothing on the Jamaican supporters, who played a major role in campaigning for Tessanne Chin, particularly on social media.

By the end of the final performance night, #TeamTessanne was trending globally on Twitter.  Within hours, her Whitney Houston rendition was number 1 on iTunes and her duet with Coach Levine was number 4.

By the close of voting she was ranked number 1 and 2 with her two final night performances; with the Whitney Houston holding the number 1 spot.  She also managed to get 2 more songs in the top 20, with “Try”, her audition song, ranking number 15 on the charts and Bridge over Troubled waters, number 18.

So with those rankings Tessanne was poised to become The Voice 2013.  It was only a matter of waiting on the announcement so we could all jump and scream and celebrate. Tessanne and Adam Levine sing Let it be’.

On Tuesday December 17, at approximately 10:30pm, our expectations were met when Tessanne Chin was announced the winner of The Voice 2013.  Half Way Tree square erupted; as people had gathered to watch the excitement on big screen.

All in all #TeamBreadAndButter walked away with the title and deservedly so.  Jamaican or not, she was best of the three and deserved the win.  Congrats to Chinita Goodas on winning The Voice 2013!!