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Chin Admits To Being Able To Use A Firearm

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Murder accused Jay Marie Chin, while admitting to the police that she had fired a gun, repeatedly denied killing her ex-husband Raymond Chin.

The deceased was shot at least 13 times to his chest, abdomen and arm while at her business place – JChin Top Notch Variety Store located on upper Church Street. The Jamaican man met his demise on Saturday, November 28, 2009 while reportedly closing up the store. The incident was reported as a robbery gone awry.

The man was transported to Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) where he was pronounced dead within half an hour of his arrival.

While conducting investigations into the incident, the police came across certain information that caused them to start focusing on Jay Marie Chin as a suspect rather than as a victim.

Eventually, she was arrested and charged in connection with her ex-husband’s murder.

The prosecution, yesterday, tendered and read into evidence the two interviews the police conducted with Jay Marie Chin on December 7 and 10, 2009.

Police Corporal Claude Williams, who conducted both interviews in the presence of other officers, said Jay Marie told investigators that Raymond was her husband and that they had a good relationship. This statement was made on December 7.

However, during that same interview, the woman said that she and Raymond Chin were separated. Asked to explain what she meant, she said they were divorced.

The 35-year-old accused told police that they would still both introduce one another as husband and wife. She also said neither of their families knew they were divorced.

In reply to a question during the second interview that Raymond’s mother was aware of the termination of the marriage, Jay Marie said she was not aware of that.

She told investigators that despite the marriage ending, Raymond still helped her, including getting things for the shop.

Jay Marie disclosed that her ex-husband owned a gun and had a permit to carry it. The woman said Raymond kept the weapon at home (in Miami) but was unable to say what calibre of weapon it was.

The accused described the gun as being silver and black in colour and added that Raymond was accustomed to carrying the firearm while in the United States.

Jay Marie said he would leave the weapon at home when he journeyed to Antigua and that he stored it in the glove compartment of his truck.

In her second interview she denied owning a gun and initially said that she does not “really” know how to fire one.

She, however, confessed to firing a BB gun while at a gun range in Miami but could not tell officers when that was or where the gun range was. She could only say that it was not often that she used it. The gun, she told investigators, belonged to her ex-husband.

As the interview progressed, the accused admitted that she had discharged the black-and-silver gun once or twice while at a gun range.

As she explained, her late ex-husband instructed her how to use a firearm and told her not to put her hand on the trigger. She denied being a shooter or natural shooter based on a question asked by the police.

Jay Marie denied owning a gun and said that while she had access to a firearm in Miami, she does not have access to one here.

“Whatever I said last week is what I see and saw. I don’t have a gun. I don’t own a gun. Where am I going to get a gun from? No, I did not kill my husband. I did not kill Raymond Chin. I am going to say it again and again and again,” the woman told investigators.

She constantly referred to Raymond Chin as her breadwinner and asked why she would kill him since he took care of her.

Sergeant Cordel O’Garro also gave testimony yesterday.

The case continues today before presiding judge Justice Richard Floyd.

Shannon Jones is assisting Crown Counsel Adlai Smith. Attorneys Cosbert Cumberbatch, John Fuller and Charlesworth Browne are defending Jay Marie Chin.

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