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Check Out St Lucia’s Iyanola Apiculture Collective Honey Tasting Tours

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The Iyanola Apiculture Collective (IAC) is dedicated to supporting beekeepers in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean. Iyanola is the indigenous name given to Saint Lucia and it was used in our collective out of respect for the traditions and eco-consciousness of our first peoples.
What to expect – Upon arrival at the centre, you will be welcomed and given a brief history on beekeeping in Saint Lucia and learn interesting facts about bees, honey and strategies being used in Saint Lucia to save endangered bees.
This excursion is not just educational, but very interactive, as you get to sample exotic Black Mangrove honey from our world-renowned Ramsar site, make your own candle from natural beeswax, sample other natural beauty products, sample foods made with honey.
Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating 35% of global food production?
Journey with the IAC, as they take you on a buzzing adventure, into the busy life of bees in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean. For more information please visit iyanolaapiculture.org



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