Being single and in the dating world can be very daunting. It requires courage, confidence and hope to spring eternal while searching for that special someone to settle with and grow old together.

Everyone at some point, regardless of gender, just wants that special someone to call their own. However, ladies, never settle for less than what you think you deserve and there are some men out there that you should definitely avoid.

One such example is the Mr. Cheap or Mr. Tight or whatever you may term it. This is the man who nickels and dimes everything he spends. He complains of how expensive everything is and he focuses on the price section of the menu at the restaurant rather than the actual meal item.

However, when it is your treat, his focus on the menu is now reversed. He considers taking you out for dinner or entertainment to be an investment where he expects to get some type of return once the evening has ended.

Then there is Mr. Peter Pan, who never wants to grow up and always immature. His idea of décor is naked girls on the bedroom wall, model cars and trucks on his nightstand and a gaming system in the living room which he gives more attention and time rather than spending quality time with you.

Mr Narcisist: Photo courtesy

He is comfortable in his mind numbing, menial job and lives only in the moment, never having a plan. He shies away from your work social events yet one call from his brethren at midnight and he is out the door to the dance session to link up the boys.

Then there is Mr. Narcissus, who thinks he is God’s gift to women. Who is so focused on himself that he spends more time in the bathroom than you getting ready to go out. He is over confident and an egoist. Admittedly, one good thing is that he takes care of himself due to the fact that he loves himself so much.

He is an ardent gym buff and is consistently looking in the mirror admiring his reflection. He considers you to be fortunate that he chooses to be with you and at times may unconsciously remind you of that fact.

Last but not least is Mr. So Jealous to the point where he makes life difficult for both of you. He insists that you call him during the day, knows all your friends and is not comfortable if you decide to go out for a girl’s night.

One of his favorite things in the 21 questions game where if you decide to do something different regardless of whether or not it’s a special occasion, he thinks there is always an ulterior motive behind it. He will show up to your workplace unannounced and at first it will seem endearing until you realize that it is not just a spontaneous act but one that has developed into a pattern.

Nevertheless, there are still great single guys out there also looking for love. Finding a compatible one that complements you in every way is definitely worth the wait.