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Caribbean Food: Achee and Saltfish (with corn pork)

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Staff writer Lil Miss Kim


Ok so if you don’t know how much I looovee pork then you have not been reading this blog (don’t worry you’re in a safe place then…lol)

This weekend I soo feel for some ackee and saltfish BUT…with some corn pork! (YUM).

Here in Britain we have to use the tin ackee (whaa whaa) so we make do with what we have …ah mean it’s still ackee though.

So to begin with I boil my saltfish and corn pork together (if you ask me where I get the pork from I’ll whisper it to you 😉 Depending on your salt intake you can drain and boil again to get out as much salt as you like.  Because the ackee in the tin is already cooked you need not worry about that just yet.

In the meantime while the saltfish and corn pork cooks start getting out your seasonings and spices…Onion, escallion, sweet peppers, (thyme optional), pimento seeds, garlic, and of course scotch bonnet pepper…. and you can’t go wrong!

Once the salfish and pork is cooked drain water and proceed to picking out the saltfish bones.  You can also cut the pork into tiny pieces (if you like).  Get your sauce pan and start frying up your pork (just because its better when it’s nice and crispy :-).  Once the pork is ready, start adding your saltfish and chopped seasoning.  Fry up for about 5-8 minutes.  By now, it should be nice and ready (meaning you can eat it the way it is now) so it’s time to add your ackee!

Stir ackee in with saltfish and pork add black-pepper, a little all purpose seasoning would be fine (not too much though).  There you have it; would be great with some fried breadfruit, fried dumplins or bammies!

So easy to make I’m embarrassed to have to tell yah




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