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Staff writer Yasmin McPherson

Never one to be referred to as reserved; self-acclaimed Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj is a constant hot topic on the fashion scene.

From her multi-coloured wigs to her figure hugging unitards, Nicki’s wardrobe brings the drama. She somehow has the ability to cause controversy almost effortlessly, through her lyrics, clothing and numerous alter-egos.
To some, Nicki is like marmite, an acquired taste, I for one am a Nicki fan (I often find myself in legging envy).

But anyways; the New York rapper has found herself talk of the town once more, with the debut of yet another outlandish outfit. The latest Nicki ‘original’ comes in the form of a dress made entirely of teddy bears. That’s right, you’re, not mistaken, you read correctly, cuddly toys… A selection of multi-coloured teddy bears heads, attached to a pink skater dress. Completing the look, is the oh so appropriate candy pink hair and a pair of knee high, rainbow coloured leg warmers, over a pair of what looks like platform sneakers. All done for the video of her collaboration with little miss Willow Smith; Fireball.

Nicki Minaj Teddy Bear Dress

So we think female rapper – wacky style – children’s toys, only Nicki right? Or wrong; with the new look came yet another accusation from Lil’Kim camp, claiming Nicki copied the teddy look and Kim did it first. So as per usual the net went wild picture comparisons were made and it appears that Lil’Kim was photographed wearing a skirt quite obviously similar in inspiration. Only difference being, the stuffed animals were attached whole… And according to fans all apparently before Nicki?

Lil kim teddy bear skirt

This whole Kim/Nicki debate is getting just a bit drawn out for me, brings the whole: what came first the chicken or the egg mystery into question. I say who CARES! From a chicken comes an egg and from an egg comes a chicken; Kim paved the way for artists like Nicki and now she is simply carrying on the cycle, no?

Deliberate or coincidental, why not just be thankful for the imitation, it is after all the highest form of flattery. Hats off to Nicki at the end of the day she keeps the rumour mills and style junkies like me in rotation (Safe to say I will not be decapitating any of my teddys to update my wardrobe any time in the near future).



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