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Can I Get COVID-19 From Sitting On A Toilet Seat?

by Authentic Chick
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Dear Authentic Chick, 

I meant to ask this question a long time ago. I live in the Dominican Republic. With all of the education on Covid -19, I am still wondering if I can catch this virus from a toilet seat.

Thanks, Pablo.


I was about to answer your question with a question like, are you serious? Then I re-read your concern and did some research on this issue. The result: there has not been any findings to this effect. Remember too that covid-19 is a huge hyped up flu. Sure, we will have to live with it and or be prepared to ‘catch’ it and live hopefully to tell the tale to your grandchildren. 

I wish you every success and do continue to practice personal hygiene all through. 

Ta, ta, 

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick

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