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Blind Jamaican Left School Without a Subject, Nears PhD

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Morris will sit an oral exam as part of the requirement a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree. Morris was born on 23 July 1969 in Bailey’s Vale, near Port Maria, Saint Mary Parish, Jamaica. His father, Lloyd Morris, was a fireman, and his mother, Jemita Pryce, was a dressmaker. Morris has four brothers and three sisters.

Morris began to lose his sight in high school, due to glaucoma. Attempts to treat the glaucoma with medication and laser treatments were unsuccessful, and six years after he began to lose his sight, he became completely blind. Morris’ worsening eyesight left him unable to complete schoolwork, and Morris left St. Mary High School after grade 11 to become a poultry farmer. (Source: Wikipedia)

Morris’ story is truly an inspiration to all across the Caribbean and it’s not just because of his blindness. It is a perfect example of how much each of us can overcome even when stumbling blocks are place in front of us.

Here is a video below that shows how much Morris is respected across the world:

Source: http://mycaribbeanscoop.com/jamaica/blind-man-from-jamaica-nears-phd-after-leaving-high-school-without-a-subject



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