All are invited to two town hall events featuring Former Jamaica Prime Minister, the Most Honourable PJ Patterson

There is currently a drive across 16 countries in the Caribbean which are considering building a UNITED CARIBBEAN, so that economically, politically and otherwise the region can become stronger and ultimately be able to being less dependent on other countries for support, whilst helping each of the islands in the region to build positive partnerships, which will stimulate growth and long-term stability.

Hon PJ Patterson. Photo courtesy

Hon PJ Patterson. Photo courtesy

With support from Grace Kennedy Ltd and Western Union Ltd, the project management team in the Caribbean have organised and delivered five Town Hall events across the USA in 2015 to engage people with interest in Caribbean. The response in Miami, New York and other states attracted an average of 1500 people at each of the five Town Hall Events.

We are now planning to deliver two similar events in the UK, one on Tuesday 7th June in Birmingham, at Badshah Palace, Walsall Rd, Great Barr, Birmingham B42 1LR and the second event will be on Thursday 9th June at Camden Town Hall, Judd St, London C1H 9JE.

These Town Hall Events are FREE to access by the general public. They will start with a 6pm Caribbean Reception, followed by a 7pm formal event. Your keynote speaker will be former Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson and supported by the Chief Executive of Grace Kennedy Ltd, Chief Executive of Western Union and one local speaker from Birmingham and one from London. The Local Speaker in Birmingham is Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council and the local speaker in London Mr Ansell Wong.

The event will be blessed by Bishop Derek Webley in Birmingham and by Mrs Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplin to the Queen.

Finally, on behalf of the project management group and sponsors, I would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend the event in Birmingham or London to assist us in sharing the project aims, ideas and future proposals to make the Caribbean achieve its full potential.


The project theme is: Caribbean Diaspora…Borderless Possibilities.

We are keen to ensure people from all sections of the community, including our churches are able to engaged with this event, so please encouraged your friends and family to attend.

For tickets click register now link below:


We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. THE EVENT IS NOT TICKET ONLY, but those who booked tickets on line will be given first priority for seating inside of the venue. Best Regards Sted Wallen Agency/ Consultant Cordinator, TEL: 07424 999 732

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