Staff Writer - Katrin Callender

Imagine any holiday at your home. The delicious spread of all your favourite foods-not a space left on the table. You know just by looking that it is unlikely that you will finish your plate, yet you dig in without delay and -more importantly- without inhibition. The saying, ‘better belly buss than good food waste’ tends to be uttered during the holiday season. It is an interesting phrase that encompasses much of our culture. It speaks to gratitude and social consciousness. It says that guarding against personal injury will not be put ahead of the making of the most of our opportunities.

If only we could approach life in this way. Do we stare greedily at opportunities to improve ourselves, to educate ourselves and to assist others? The sheer enormity of the task or the innumerable ways to achieve it may be daunting to us at first. Indeed, it is imprudent to commit to more than we can handle. Yet, we can never know how much is too much if we flee from the opportunity to put anything on our plate. But we show affection for ourselves and for those we love when we actively engage in life. We show gratitude for our capabilities each time we use them- especially when we use them to improve ourselves and the lives of those around us.

We spend a great deal of our lives trying to make sense of the world around us. Many of us pass on what we have learned in conversation, by writing our memoirs and by creating a legacy that keep us alive for the generations that follow. We want to leave a mark upon the world in which we have struggled, sacrificed and pursued and enjoyed success. Many are noble in this desire; others, vainglorious. But all are aware of their potential to envision myriad eventualities for our world. We know that we have only to dream up a direction for our futures for these to become an attainable goal.

Go after life with the same enthusiasm!

Too often we express apprehension about the future. We are occasionally fearful of failure; sometimes terrified of our own greatness. We may be afraid of things that we can change. Other times we dread things over which we have no control. We should never be reckless with our health or safety, but if we decide that we would approach life without reticence, we can be a phenomenal force for the changes we seek. And this realization is sufficient motivation to continue making confident steps along our path, ultimately encountering success.