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Bentuangie Kratom: Origin And Characteristics

by Nora Roberts
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Kratom has become increasingly popular among the masses in recent times. Although red or white vein strains are prevalent, the Premium Green Bentuangie Kratom is also slowly taking over the market. Just like its unique name, this particular strain has some unique properties that one might not find in other Kratom strains that people popularly use. 

This strain gets its name from the region, “Bentuangie,” where it grows as a native plant. The indigenous people of Southeast Asia, especially those residing in Indonesia, have been using this Kratom for a very long time. The significant difference between the other strains and this strain is that it is fermented. In this write-up, we have given a detailed view of the origin and various characteristics of the Bentuangie Kratom. 

The Origin Of Bentuangie Kratom

It’s always an exciting story to learn about any product’s origin, be it a non-living thing or a living species. This strain belongs to Indonesia, especially the Bentuangie region of the country. As mentioned above, the production of this strain for the masses is quite different from the others. Strains like the red vein Kratom or the green vein Kratom initially undergo harvesting the plants, then drying and grounding the leaves. 

Bentuangie Kratom, on the other hand, follows a different process for making it suitable for people’s consumption. After the manufacturers harvest and dry the leaves, they undergo fermentation instead of drying. The specific reason behind this process is that the companies believe that fermenting the leaves helps increase the alkaloid content found in the leaves. The alkaloids are those ingredients in Kratom responsible for all its characteristic properties. 

Kratom belongs to the coffee family, which makes it an evergreen tree. This plant typically grows in the damp rainforests of Indonesia, which has a humid climate throughout the year. The way one uses the Bentuangie Kratom is also quite different. Companies often market them in capsule form with gelatin covering, unlike the powdered form we get for the other strains. 

The Different Strains

Like the veined Kratom, the Bentuangie strain also comes in three types based on the color of the leaves. 

White Bentuangie Kratom

To make this strain, companies obtain the leaves of the plant Mitragyna speciosa even before the natural deep green coloration occurs. As these leaves are very young, they have a very high alkaloid content, making this particular strain the most energizing and euphoric among the three. In short, immature or very young leaves are the source of this strain. 

Green Bentuangie Kratom

Being not too old or young, one can enjoy the perfect balance of characteristic properties of this Green Bentuangie Kratom. This Kratom uses perfectly matured leaves that have a deep green coloration. It contains a high aggregation of the “alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine,” which is responsible for the calming effects. This effect is why one of the famous names for this strain is the “Relaxing strain.” 

Red Bentuangie Kratom 

When the leaves of the plant are mature enough that the leaves start to take a deep red coloration, the manufacturers harvest them. They collect those leaves and use them to create the Red strain. People believe this particular strain can help in improving sleep and managing pain. 

Characteristic Effects Of Various Bentuangie Strain

 As companies cultivate each Bentuangie strain at different maturity levels, their effect is also different. The various products that one might experience from taking each of these are as under: 

White Bentuangie Effects

As mentioned in the article, this contains a very high concentration of alkaloids and is thus responsible for the stimulating effects. The stimulation is so high that some even describe their experience as consuming three energy drinks at once. Therefore this will not be a very suitable strain, especially for beginners. However, if you are keen on trying it out, it is advisable to take the advice of a medic regarding the dosage before actually consuming it. 

Apart from the stimulatory effect, White Bentuangie also helps with mood upliftment. This property allows people to socialize more and find inner peace. 

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Green Bentuangie Effects

These leaves being at the perfect level of maturity, provide a very balanced effect. Thus one does not experience very intense effects after consuming these. However, just like any regular Kratom, when taken in higher doses, one might experience very high calming effects, even sedation. Hence should know the dosage they are consuming. Although people use this strain for anxiety relief, no data supports these claims. One can, however, try this strain by themselves to find out what effect it might have on their body. 

Red Bentuangie Effects

When a Kratom leaf passes the peak maturity stage and its veins start turning red, companies use those leaves to manufacture Red Bentuangie. The alkaloid content in this strain helps in relieving pain and anxiety. There are many kratom capsules for pain available in the market. Although mood enhancement is also one of the effects of this strain when taken in smaller doses, people primarily use it to deal with pain, anxiety, and sedative effects. This particular strain works with the body’s central nervous system, which helps calm the person and thus helps with anxiety. 

How Should You Store Your Bentuangie Kratom?

Bentuangie Kratom tends to get oxidized pretty fast if exposed to oxygen. To limit this, you should always store your Kratom in an airtight container. Check the quality after opening the pouch when you purchase your Bentuangie Kratom from an online store. The powder or capsule should be dry and not coarse or caked. If not, you should preferably return the product and request a fresh batch. 

In Short

Just like every other Kratom strain, Bentuangie has various benefits. This Kratom has an excellent aroma, kratom shelf life, making it a star product among the different themes. You can consume this by adding it to your morning coffee or evening tea. However, the “ideal dosage” varies from person to person. Bentuangie has a much lasting effect compared to other strains, so it becomes beneficial, especially for those who do not get much time for “self-care.” The mood-enhancing, calming down, and relaxing properties make this strain popular in the market. One should also ensure that they purchase these strains from a well-known shop, online or offline. A well-reputed store ensures its customers get high-quality products.

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