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Being Called A Lesbian Hurts Because It’s Just Not True, How Do I Stop It?

by Authentic Chick
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Dearest Authentic Chick

How keeping?

Church sisters call me a lesbian and I just don’t like it. I don’t like it but I am beginning to think that maybe I am a lesbian after all. I don’t know why they say this of me because I know that I am straight. How can I cope with this constant name calling?


Dear Upset!

I am quite disturbed about church sisters who engage in name calling. If you are a lesbian then that is the choice you made. Personally, I don’t hate lesbians but I do not encourage such practices that are homosexual in orientation and practice. Lesbians are found in almost every walk of life. The whole aspect of name calling is quite damaging to a person. It is a form of bullying and has lasting consequences. Name calling erodes one’s confidence, your personality and your mental wellbeing. Name calling can also lead to depression over time.


So how do you cope with this type of name calling?

I could simply say, ignore those church sisters but that is probably not going to accomplish much.

Avoid feeling pressured to respond quickly but certainly you have to respond to them and let them know that you are not a lesbian. In doing so, remember to be kind to yourself. Also acknowledge that you are hurting and be reminded that you are not alone. Others normally encounter some kind of bullying but handle it in diverse ways. Please do not buy into the name calling and reassure yourself that you are straight and have the ability to attract the oppositie sex. Finally, take care of yourself at all times.

Ta… Ta…

Authentic Chick

Authentic Chick
Authentic Chick

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