Caribbean news. Exhibit BC, (Black Community) speaks. Hundreds gather outside the Barbican to boycott the racist human zoo 13.09.14 JetBlakInk™ had to get SplishySplashy in the name of art, with this edit of the highlights of the protest, which sprang from a 20,000 petition, started by activist Sara Myers.

Speakers featured in this clip include: Tafadzwa ShakaRa, Paul Lawrence, Zita Holbourne, Lee Jasper, Anthony Anaxagorou, Akala, and Hilary Muhammad. What they are saying amounts essentially to being a message to the white man in this society, specifically to Brett Bailey, but also it is directed to those who run the Barbican Centre, and have for some unknown reason, put on this disgusting depiction. This in an exhibit for the whole world to see.