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AWG Round Up X: Lauryn Hill facing jail

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Lauryn Hill

Mavado Arrest Warrant for Missing Court Date

Jamaican music star Mavado could find himself in police custody when he returns home as an arrest warrant has been issued for a missed court date.

Mavado – real name David Constantine Brooks was arrested in 2011 charged with assault.


Married man Mavado…?

His lawyer, Tamika Harris has appealed for the warrant to be held until his next court date on the 20th of June.

Mavado, currently on tour in the U.S has made no comment on the situation.

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Lauryn Hill Comeback

Lauryn Hill preempting a possible comeback has signed a new deal with Sony Music.

The former Fugees star has been plagued with both financial and legal dramas of late following a recent charge for tax fraud from the I.R.S who are pursuing her for 968,000 (USD), failure to pay back at least half that amount may result in a year – long prison sentence.

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill. Photo courtesy www.dailywaffle.co.uk

Despite all this she is not alone and her friends are at her side when needed, following a statement from former band mate Wyclef Jean who despite the two having differences in the past following the Fugees split said “I definitely wish her the best, that’s absolutely a serious issue.

And once again, if she’s listening at the end of the day, my door is always open. You know I never closed my door to her, in the sense that if she ever needed anything I was never the one to block, because at the end of the day if anything ever happened to her, I would feel bad”

Lauryn herself has had her fair share of ups and downs but remained optimistic “Yes, I have recently entered into an agreement with Sony Worldwide Entertainment to launch a new label on which my new music will be released. And YES after a ten year plus battle, I am finally writing my new music”

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Steven Spielberg’s Obama

Never let it be said that just because you’re the President of the United States, you can’t take the mickey out of yourself.


Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis. Photo courtesy www.fastcocreate.com

Following on from the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, Steven Spielberg has announced a new biopic centred on Obama, with the title character being played by none other than Daniel Day Lewis.

This is none other than Barack Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis playing Barack Obama but fair play to him, very nice touch.



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