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AWG Round Up VII: Trouble in Beyonce household

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Aaron Edwards CaribDirect gossip columnist

Aaron Edwards Staff Gossip Columnist

Lil Wayne – Epileptic

Following his recent hospitisation and every theory from overdosing on cough medicine to inhaling toilet cleaner, Music Star Lil Wayne has stated that he has epilepsy.

Speaking during a radio interview Lil Wayne – Real Name Dwayne Michael Carter said “The news is I’m an epileptic.

I’m prone to seizures. This isn’t my first; second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh seizure. I’ve had a bunch of seizures, y’all just never hear about them.

But this time it got real bad cause I had three of them in a row and on the third one my heart rate went down to like 30 percent. Basically, I could’ve died, so that is why it was so serious.”

Lil Wayne smoking

Lil Wayne smoking


Timberland. Photo courtesy www.picgifs.com

Epilepsy affects more than 50 million people worldwide, 3 million in the U.S Although no cure exists, the condition is manageable with medication. Article courtesy UrbanIslandz.com

Timbaland – 1.8 Million Insurance Fraud?

Insurance companies by definition exist to give us peace of mind, a safety net against misfortune or bad luck, while this looks good on paper; they are also infamous for denying money claims with a multitude of elaborate and colorful clauses.

That being said, if you are going to make a claim, its best if everyone is on the same page.

Music Producer Timbaland took out a policy with the American Home Assurance Company in May 2010 for a number of items including a Jacob & Co 18k White Gold Watch with over 30 carats of Diamonds.

This watch has subsequently gone missing with Timbo filing a claim stating under oath that his two year old daughter had somehow gotten hold of it and lost it as only kids can do.

However, the insurance company has denied his claim and is refusing to pay a penny due to an interesting twist, this is apparently the same watch that T had reported stolen to police two years previously claiming a former associate had stolen the bling, demanding an immediate police investigation which is still ongoing.

Subsequent testimony from Timbaland‘s household including his wife, brother in law and the maid have thrown several different stories none of which involve the daughter.

Timbaland is currently suing for 1.8 Million Dollars (the value of the watch) plus interest and attorneys fees but it doesn’t take Colombo to realize that there is something off about this situation but best of luck to him. Article courtesy TMZ.com


Sean P Diddy Combes – Tops Forbes Richest Hip Hop Artists List 2013

Sean P Combes has come a long way since his talent scout beginnings with the Uptown Records.

P Diddy

P Diddy. Photo courtesy www.theage.com.au

He now has several clothing lines, a movie production company, two restaurants and his own brand of cola, and that is without mentioning his numerous musical accomplishments, now he is well on the way to becoming hip-hops first billionaire, after recently topping Forbes Magazine’s 2013 list of wealthiest Hip Hop Artists.

Thanks to a number of investments including a substantial stake in Ciroc Vodka three years ago, his estimated net worth is currently around the 580 Million Dollars. Show off… Article courtesy Forbes.com – UrbanIslandz.com


Beyonce and Jay-z – Marital Issues

jay z and beyonce photoshopped

jay-z-and-beyonce-photoshopped. wiznation.com

One of Music’s Golden couples Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for almost five years, they have a combined net worth of 775 Million Dollars (USD), a slew of musical achievements and awards between them, their fame is such that you would have to go the ends of the Earth to find someone who did not know of them, several homes around the world and a healthy baby daughter, Perfect Bliss?

However there appears to be some issues in the Knowles – Z household as Jay-Z has been staying at the $485 a night Bowrey Hotel for several weeks.

The home he shares with B is only a mile away but surely why you would want to stay in an impartial hotel room no matter how expensive, when you have a 10,000 square foot penthouse just around the corner.

There are several perfectly logical reasons why J would be living away from his wife and child for an extended period of time without there being an issue with their marriage, but human nature would force you to think…Why? Article courtesy Mediatakeout.com. See Beyonce’s baby pictures.

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