World news. AfroAsia Week UK is a Non Profit Organisation working to improve community cohesion, social integration and celebrate African and Asian heritage.

This year we will hold a special 2 day event to showcase foods, fashion, business, culture and traditions of individuals in Great Britain who are of African or Asian Heritage encouraging social cohesion, togetherness, unity and community togetherness in a fun family oriented way.

Founder Kazeem. Photo courtesy

Founder Kazeem. Photo courtesy

We invite you to join us in our special mission by participating in our special red carpet event from 14th August to 16th August 2015.

NOMINATING: Nominate your peers, friends and family for their work in the public, private and leisure sector. Entries close soon, and winners are decided by public vote.

EXHIBIT: Exhibit, showcase, sell and sign up visitors for your goods or services in an all day late evening luxury setting with an in house cafe bar.

SHOWCASE: Upcoming and Established designers, showcase fashion inspired by Africa and Asia and or aimed at the Asian and African market sponsored by Yamaha

SHOWOFF: Sign up to participate in the culture pageant and show us your full national dress and traditional evening dress to grab the Miss AfroAsia title if you are aged 18-25

ADVERTISE: Support us by paying to advertise on our website, in our print magazine and on our red carpet or sponsor one of our award categories. Advertising starts from £15

LIST YOUR BUSINESS/SERVICE/EXPERTISE: List your business, products or professional service in our all new online directory. Choose from standard or enhanced listings to let everyone know where to find you.

DINE: Visit our food hall for delectable treats, dishes and delights from all parts of the Asian and African continents. Dine in style in a plush, fully air conditioned cafe with wifi access.

ATTEND: Grab Free Tickets and Early bird tickets to the event on both days

PRESS: Request press passes and download our press kit or share our press release with your network

BOOKMARK: Make a note of the dates in your diary and sign up to our newsdesk for up to date information about the event

By advertising, showcasing or exhibiting at this event, you stand to reach new customers, acquire new distributors, achieve sales and also support a good cause.  Funds from this year will go toward

  • Ensuring we can continue to run our food bank from a fixed premises
  • Supporting youth and the elderly with food drops
  • Helping members of the community through outreach to learn more about each other
  • Furthering our main aims and objectives

Support us on social media using tags #AfroAsiaWeek #NotJustAMinority and grab our merchandise emblazoned with our NJAM slogan from our website from 5th of April 2015.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

As a non profit, we focus on issues which affect our community, our aims at AfroAsia weeek include:

1. Unity – bringing together two cultures and highlighting the benefits of social and cultural cohesion.

2. Community Integration, bringing cultural togetherness and cultural inspiration

3. To bring cultural showcasing to the forefront to assist and support others in the community

4. To empower women and youth with positive self identity, empowerment, improved self esteem and dignity in their origins.

5. To recognise and publicly award community champions with merits which will further improve the benefit of their work and activities

6. To enable small and medium enterprises including cottage businesses to showcase and acquire clientele to grow their business

7. To showcase and encourage showcase of fashion from Asia and Africa

8. To provide showcase and advertisement opportunities to businesses based in the UK run by Asians and Africans.

9. To introduce and encourage increased culture and ethnic interaction between Asians and Africans

10. To provide a support point for Africans and Asians in the UK regionally and nationally.

11. To provide training and learning opportunities for youth and adults including corporate organisations in awareness, literacy, culture, cookery and social integration

12. To engage aged members of the community in teaching and giving insight into cultural knowledge through seminars, courses and talks.