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Vee Simmons Entertainment Correspondent

Vee Simmons, Entertainment Correspondent

Community news. Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2014, celebrates its 33rd birthday. I enjoyed the show, not quite the largest show as it boasted, however very interesting and truly evolved into a lifestyle event for young black women.

Some of whom started their business 15 years ago and a few only this year, let’s celebrate this and support them! Yes online trading is on the rise ladies and gentlemen and those young businesses are in tune with what you want and the price you want.

New product prices ranged from £2.00 to £60, and with an average spend of £35.00.  Budding hair and beauty entrepreneurs were encouraged to spend more and try out the new products. To avoid those nasty chemicals and avoid the petrol based products such as parapben, and possibly buy new natural products for their clients.

 Pampering | Stage Shows | Competitions | Exhibitors | Seminars & Workshops   There were many hairdressers under one roof giving one-to-one advice, including specialist beauticians on hand to work their make-up and skincare magic. There were health checks and advice and opportunities to use the latest health equipment. There were a selection of new wave nubian afro centric up-and-coming fashion shows; including accessories and clothes booths to give you that in look..

Afro Hair & Beauty 2014

Various people went to the show,  looking for the business and social atmosphere. There were real shoppers seeking their bargains at the exhibition. Yes there were fashion conscious young women and men at the Afro and Hair live at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street Islington, held on 25 – 26 May, 2014, 10.30 – 6pm.

In addition or to boot, there were quaint bars and restaurants just on the same stretch as the Exhibition show.

There were two stages for performing, specialist workshops and programs of shows, throughout the day.

      Sunday, 25th MAY                                                                                     Monday, 26th MAY

12.15 Team Africa Street Dance 12.15 Dance
12.30 Josh Style Police 12.30 Josh Style Police
12.45 Afro Chic Boutique Fashion Show 12.45 Afro Chic Boutique Fashion Show
1.00 Battle of the Barbers Sponsored by WAHL 1.00 Sensationnel Icon Braid Impact
2.00 Afro Live Debate 1.45 Ofilibeauty
2.45 Battle of the Barbers Results 2.00 Afro Live Debate
3.00 Venus Shape Wear and Control 2.45 Sensationnel Icon Weave Genius
3.15 Ofilibeauty 3.30 Beautiful Textures
3.30 Jane Carter 3.45 Sensationnel Icon Avant Garde
3.45 Afropunzel 4.30 Jane Carter
4.00 Beautiful Textures 5.00 House of Cheatham
4.15 House of Cheatham 5.15 Sensationnel Icon the Results
4.30 Afro Chic Fashion Show 5.30 Afro Chic Fashion Show
5.00 Sinai Rose  
5.30 Surprise PA  


It was good to see men at the Afro and Hair beauty show.  Yes! you were there too!  Men were buying many products, just like the women, ensuring they were taking good care of themselves too. However just like the rain on the day, let’s be honest, it was not all good, as there were not enough men products at the show, apart from the hair cutting opportunities.  Not enough clothes for you and that will need to be considered in the future. Come on businesses show your products to the men out there next time!!! Women buy men products too for their sons and their men in their life.

Afro Hair & Beauty 2014

The Battle of the Barbers and live debates were fun and interesting. Following on from The Battle of the Barbers and debate, there was ‘Question Time’ fashion with a panel of judges including celebrity  barber – ‘Five’ with credits known for his work with Asher D and Craig David etc.

Jane Carter and Felicia Leatherwood, leading hair industry experts, not from the UK, yes America – as seen on BEN TV.  The leading question was to evaluate what we are doing to our hair? They said wear the braids, weaves etc. however, not for more than 8 weeks.

Your head sweats and can smell and the pores need cleansing and that is the opportunity for you to use natural products on your scalp to promote long healthy hair.  They said products with mineral and castor oil protects your hair and promotes growth, they said go to a specialist and get advice for alopecia, as there is genetic, traction and post-menopausal alopecia and the hardest to resolve is the genetic alopecia.

They suggested allowing your hair to be free, drink water 4-6 times a day and massaging your hair before putting on the wig, weave or braids etc. Don’t let the hair dresser pull at your hair, you take control and hold your hair whilst they work. Choose natural conditioners that give you slippage, yes they kept saying the Jamaican castor oil was important to hair growth.

The Golden rule was that chemicals make your hair flat and strips the natural oils from your hair, including relaxers, the less we say about relaxers the better. Just try to step down the strength of your relaxer, they said, especially when you are stressed and not eating right. Moisturise your hair and drink lots of water again. When dying your hair try high lighting instead, roots to end colour, this prevents the drying of the hair and helps to keep it conditioned.

Afro Hair & Beauty 2014

What did we think?

On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest, the Exhibition was probably a 6, with a potential to be a 10 if Entrepreneurs spent more time wearing the products they were selling, instead of using the perfect models.  We saw a lot of booths selling,  up to 60% discounts on their well known brand names, some discounts were disappointing and as little as 20%, but better than nothing people!

There are plenty of samples, however some companies were better prepared than others, not unless you have the ability to raid their secret stash!!

The clothe booths and main products, and book stall (educational, heritage and cookery authors) are at the front door, so well positioned.  It is a shame about the beautiful colourful clothes that were at the entrance but in jumble style presentation and uninviting.

However because they were colourful you were drawn to them. The manikins were size -12’s and not displaying the UK black average female larger sizes. The shop owners told me these shops do larger sizes, so you may think they only do small sizes, in future do check and ask? Girls, the accessories are to die for, colour galore, it was exhilarating, and a few were naturally made!!!

IF You like looking online?  Go and see some of these organisations that were there …

www.Roooi.com  – fashion designer Obi Ichiebuka

www.tinalobondi.com – fashion designer Tina Lobondi

www.totecollections.com  – Bela Obileye




Bianou  – email [email protected]  Nice!!!!

Bonheur = happiness – Make-up

www.coloourchase.com – I found a make-up organisation newly formed with part natural products, however with the best innovative colours; and YES the make-up is put on in the most creative way. Easy to apply products and looks great, yes ‘Bonheur’ arrived and I was so glad I found cost effective Colourchase cosmetics. £12 ish!!!


So much hair…but natural handmade hair is worth mentioning

www.ophirhair.com  – yes ladies if you want handmade weaved hair, nice and lighter real human hair, not glued or machined. Please go to this place in Portobello Road, for gorgeous handmade wigs etc.,  at £125 – £270, lasting for 6 months for real and I got one that lasted 1 ½ years, get out of here!!!! With a 2 week specialism or less if you can persuade them.

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