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Advantages Of Using Carbon Fibre For UAV Components

by Brianna Varnado
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Unmanned aircraft are unmanned aircraft that are operated by radio-controlled equipment and their own programmed controls. This guide may include components of a unmanned aircraft, the advantages of using carbon fibre for UAV components and how to get carbon fibre drone frame parts.

The six components of a Unmanned Aircraft

Drones have six major components: the aircraft frame, the flight control system, the propulsion system, the remote control signal receiver and the gimbal camera.

  1. Flying Platform

The size of the Flying Platform. depends on the size of the wing and the size of the motor (motor/motor): the longer the wing, the larger the motor.

The longer the wing, the larger the motor. The longer the wing and the larger the motor, the larger the frame size will be. The frame is generally made of light materials. To reduce the payload of the UAV.

  1. Flight control system

The flight control system (Flight Control System) is called flight control and generally has built-in sensors such as controllers, gyroscopes, accelerometers and barometers. The drone relies on these sensors to stabilise the aircraft and, together with GPS and barometer data, to lock the drone at a specified position and altitude.

  1. Propulsion systems drone frame hardware

The propulsion system of a drone consists mainly of a paddle and a motor. When the paddles rotate, a reaction force is generated to drive the aircraft. The system is equipped with an Electronic Speed Control (ESC). This is used to regulate the speed of the motor. 4.

  1. Remote Controller

This refers to the Remote Controller or Ground Station, which allows the aerial photographer to control the flight of the drone via remote control technology.

  1. Remote Control Signal Receiver

A 4-axis drone must have at least 4 channels to transmit signals in order to control the 4 sets of rotors and motors.

  1. Head cameras

In addition to the cameras pre-installed on the aircraft by the drone manufacturer, some models allow users to install their own third-party cameras.

What are the advantages of using carbon fibre for DRONE FRAMES?

Carbon fibre is a new material that is lighter, stronger, more impact resistant and corrosion resistant, and has a wide range of applications in both military and civil applications. When carbon fibre composites are used in the components of

drone frame hardware, they can reduce the weight of the UAV, increase the endurance and optimise the flight status.

  1. Strong designability

The carbon fibre composite material used to make UAVs is mainly made of resin as the matrix, with carbon fibre playing a reinforcing role. The production of this type of material is generally cutted by CNC machines, and has a unique advantage in adapting to the aerodynamic shape of the drone and other structural design. The product can be designed and cutted to enter into streamlined production, suitable for mass production.

  1. Stable chemical properties

The chemical structure of carbon fibre composite material is stable and resistant to acid, alkali, salt spray and other complex environments, and can be used for a long time without worrying about rust and corrosion.

  1. Mechanical performance advantages

Want to meet the strength of the UAV requirements, carbon fiber material weight than other materials to light a lot, the weight of only a quarter of the steel, and the same weight of the material’s rigidity advantage is obvious, more than four times the strength of steel as much as the material stability is very good. This performance in the effective weight reduction at the same time, but also to reduce the load, so that the drone is more rigid and stronger.

  1. Good safety

Good safety, good impact resistance and high design ability. The high strength of carbon fibre can resist strong resistance during flight, accidental operational errors, impact on other objects do not have to worry about damage.

  1. Can be combined with other material components

Carbon fibre products can be extended to include metal parts, and in addition can be implanted or embedded with chips to form a whole smart device. The material itself has good vibration resistance, and general drone motor vibration and landing and take-off will not affect the performance of the material.

How to get carbon fibre drone frame parts?

If you want to build a drone, first you need to specify which parts you need to buy and know in detail the required specifications.

Jinjiuyi not only cuts drone frames to your design, but also offers drone parts such as: YFS 12.9 screws, 7075 aluminium screws, titanium screws, aluminium standoffs (spacers) and compression nuts. Whether you are using a quadcopter drone or an agricultural drone or a racing drone, there are different types and sizes of drone parts to match your drone frame kit perfectly.

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