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Health news. Mothers don’t ask, they give all year around.  But once a year we get a chance to show our thanks and appreciation.  Looking for something unusual to give Mum on her special day?  Why not treat her to a home spa basket?  Here’s how you can put one together yourself.

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  1. 1.     Stress Reliever

Lavender is a perfect choice.  It’s been popular for its calming and soothing properties for a thousand years.  Lavender oil would make a very relaxing soak.  Just add six drops of essential oil directly to her bath to wash away tension.  To complete this relaxing evening, sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on her pillowcase before bedtime to promote a good night’s sleep for an added bonus.

  1. 2.     Sleep Soothers

If insomnia is getting Mum down, she could try a cuppa of herbal tea containing sleep boosting herbs like Passionflower, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Valerian root or Magnolia Bark.  Try putting a lavender sachet under the pillow or place one to two drops of lavender essential oil in a handkerchief.

  1. 3.     Bathtime Bliss

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing bath to soak away the stress. Slipping into the bubbles may be just what she needs to restore her energy – and attitude! – after a tiring workday.

Gather together a sponge, flannel or bath mitt, oil, bubbles or salts, her favourite soap or bath gel, a soft towel or two, and creams and moisturisers to apply to her freshly cleansed skin.  Don’t forget to use an inflatable bath pillow to rest her neck while she is bathing.  If Mum has a touch of arthritis or aching muscles – nettles is a choice.  Brew a stronger tea (a couple of handfuls of dried nettle simmer for five minutes, leave to infuse for another ten minutes once you take of the flame, then strain and add to the bath).  Similar infusion could be done with Chamomile and Marjoram for winding down before bed.

Add about 8 drops of her favorite essential oil. Lavender oil is well known for its sleep inducing qualities and rose oil has a lovely sweet relaxing fragrance. Geranium is another comforting fragrance and vanilla is always a good idea too and it is cheap and relaxing.  Then, tip in 2 cup of bath salts. Also consider adding 1-2 cups of Epsom salt, as it will help prevent pruning of fingers and toes, and heel bruises, during long soaks.

  1. 4.     Energy Lifter

If Mum’s energy levels are running on low, quick course of ginseng might help to give them a boost.

Oatstraw extract ( 2 teaspoons into the tea or juice) or oatstraw tea to start the day instead of coffee or energy drink.  For the energetic start of the day, use invigorating essential oils such as peppermint, lemon or grapefruit in unperfumed shower gel.

  1. 5.     Blue light has a dark side

Light at night is bad for your health, and exposure to blue light emitted by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs may be especially so.  Solution – orange or amber lens  eyeglasses.  Wear 2 hours before bedtime while using devices like computer, mobile phone, etc.

  1. 6.     Hormone Helpers

If Mum is reaching that age when things start to change, she might appreciate some herbal help to combat menopausal symptoms of mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes.  Black cohosh and Sage are great herbs to consider.  They can help to reduce those unpleasant symptoms and aid in depression and anxiety too by balancing hormones.

  1. 7.     Hair and Face Treats

The face and hair are reflection of our general condition of health.  Dull, lifeless skin and hair can really get mums down, so how about some natural boosters.  Brighten up face with lemon juice and honey with a bit of coconut oil.  Lemon Juice may aid in the lightening of dark spots left by acne scars, aging, and hyperpigmentation.  Raw Honey draws moisture to the skin and helps to retain it.

Mum can make a strong infusion using a good handful of the dried or freshherbs or three to four teabags to make a nice hair rinse.  Sage and rosemary are great for grey hair, chamomile – for blond, nettles, sweet flag and walnut – for dark hair.

Never say you’re “just a Mum” and know that your work is the most important there is! Wishing you a special Mother’s Day!

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