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5 Tips To Help You Boost Your Career Development In 2022

by Diana Smith
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The global market has changed a lot after the pandemic. The Great Resignation has dramatically impacted several industries and understaffing is a problem everywhere.

In other words, you suddenly have a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Your competition is reduced and demand is up. Take this chance to stand out and propel your professional growth.

Address your weaknesses

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The concept of strengths and weaknesses is hardly new, but it bears repeating. Figure out your professional weak points and fix them. Maybe you lack organisational skills. Maybe some new tech has appeared in your field that you’re not quite comfortable with.

Whatever it is, tackle it head-on. Be prepared to invest consistent effort for as long as it takes to overcome the bottleneck. Make it a habit to review your skill set and fill in any gaps you spot.

Reduce your replaceability

One of the surest ways to guarantee yourself a place in your chosen professional sphere is to make sure you are essential to it. Make your colleagues and superiors recognise you as indispensable.

The easiest way to do that is to be the person who can do something nobody else can. Are you the only one in the office who knows how to code? Do you have specific, very niche, knowledge? Take advantage of that.

Level up your experience

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If you’ve been working in the same place for a few years, it might be time to move positions. Think about applying for a promotion or asking for a transfer. Start looking for a new job if you aren’t happy in your current workplace. You can even get some expert help.

For example, you could consider locum doctor recruitment services if you want to advance your medical experience, or look up trade craft unions if you work in a manual labour field. Search online for entities in your area that deal with recruitment or employment facilitation. Find an established group to help you get a placement that could propel your career forward.

Increase your learning rate

We can summarise the above points as “regularly learn something new”. To begin with, learn about your current position. For example, if the upper levels keep demanding more of a specific product or service, ask why. Get the inside perspective on what clients and stakeholders want.

Likewise, if there’s a push for some procedure, software, or goal, see where that might be coming from. Keep an eye on the pipeline of influence. Insight into these backstage processes will help you produce higher quality results. It will also enable you to understand your own position, value, and room for advancement.

On top of monitoring current office trends, make an effort to develop a reading habit. Read on your lunch break, in your free time, before bed, whenever it works for you. Consume copious amounts of industry information as well as general knowledge.

Stay up to date with the news and developments. Pick up a skillbook. Take a mini-course. Sign up for free education platforms. Save interesting social media posts for later or bookmark blog pages. Sign up for newsletters in subjects that interest you.

Be ready for change

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Remember to cushion your own career against the post-pandemic dynamics. Take these three steps to prepare for future developments:

Maintain your network. Check in regularly with your colleagues, mentors, and friends. Periodically interact with the business influencers you follow. Staying connected gives you real-time insights into industry developments, and lets you have a safety and support network.

Update your portfolio. Keep your work samples and achievements list current, just like you do your CV. Have it easily accessible in the cloud and regularly review it to see if you should change or add something.

Utilise LinkedIn. Curate your education and experience. Showcase the best about yourself to stay visible and desirable in the marketplace.

Getting ahead of the curve on your career path is mostly a matter of staying current. Keep up with the relevant people, industry news, tech developments, and customer trends. Get as much varied practical experience as you can and make your employers recognise you as indispensable to their business. 

Diana Smith

Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to Social Media and latest IT news. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. I look forward to your comments or ideas on health and wellness topics you would like more information on…


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