I am so excited this weekend as I’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina presenting a video on the visiting solar eclipse.  Not only is it a total one, but its such a rare sight. I cancelled travel plans just to be there and I know it’s going to be awesome!  The totality begins at 2:46pm EDT and lasts for only two minutes before ending at 4:10pm.

Charleston, which has been voted the No. 1 City in the World and No. 1 City in the US and Canada in the Travel + Leisure 2016 World’s Best Awards, will be visited by over 1 million people, all wanting to experience this amazing and beautiful act of nature, or should I say, solar!

During a total solar eclipse, the moon passes in perfect alignment between the Earth and sun, creating a shadow on the planet and spectacular effects in the sky. It is the only time you can see the sun’s corona, appearing as a dazzling ring of light around the moon’s silhouette. A 360-degree sunset appears around the entire horizon.

Expect to see many pictures of this spectacular event worldwide!