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Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution for 2014? Do you believe creating a list of things to do or not to do will help towards a better you for a New Year? As we approach 2014, we have decided to list the 10 most commonly used New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Getting a new image: A new haircut, hair color or length is a favorite new years resolution list topper. Something about changing the hairstyle makes us adapt a new attitude. For most of us it will be the big chop or maybe a lighter color.

2. Lose weight: Following the feast of the festive season, many of us will get the motivation to start a new diet, go to the gym, walk more and eat less to achieve the ultimate new weight. Starting a gym membership is usually the first point of call and most times only used for the first month of the Year, the battle of the bulge will be the main focal point for most of us in 2014.

3. Getting rid of an ex-partner contacts: Delete, Delete, Delete! oh yes and BLOCK! No need to enter the New Year with last years baggage.

4. Change of job: Are you fed up with your job? Now is the time to re-consider and change your role! maximize your full potential and start the new year in a new environment!

5. Increase in salary: If you don’t ask, you won’t get! So approaching your boss for a promotion or increase in salary will make you feel better. What’s the worst that could happen?

6: Spend more time with the family: It’s never too late to start spending time with the family.

7. Travel more: Holidays are getting cheaper. Stop procrastinating, Book one now!

Saving money. Photo courtesy

Saving money. Photo courtesy

8. Save more money: Save more, spend less. It’s crucial to understand the concept of living within your means. Let 2014 be a debt free year.

9: Improve faith: Going to church, mosque or even praying more is something that many of us will place on the New Year’s Resolution list. Religion is a big part of our community, it helps us to love each other more.

10: Learn a new skill: Ever wanted to improve your skills or learn something new? Enroll onto a course you have always thought about will give you that self satisfaction for 2014. As children are getting smarter and the world is becoming a technology focused place, doing something good for yourself to improve your skills and knowledge will make you feel fab!

Hope this list helps! Happy 2014. Love more and hate less.