Staff writer Eunice Nisbett

Caribbean Author, Giftus R John Launches Book Tour.
Basseterre, 12 May 2012 – Authors no longer need to incur travel, accommodation and other transportation costs to promote their books globally.

So says Online Book Marketing Specialist, Eunice Nisbett and owner of Savvy Book Marketing.
Mrs Nisbett was speaking in connection with the launch of a Virtual Book Tour for Caribbean writer, Giftus R John, who has been described as one of Dominica’s finest writers.
According to Mrs Nisbett a virtual book tour allows the Author to ‘travel’ online visiting various websites and sharing written, audio and video blog posts with the blog owners and their readership. The tour exposes the Author and his book to a wider audience and gives readers the opportunity to learn more about the book and the Author.

Author Giftus R John expressed excitement at being able to embark on his first Virtual Book Tour. The tour will be for the book Ma William and Her Circle of Friends, a collection of characters portraying life in an island community.

The focal point of all that activity is a small shop where these “friends” meet on almost a daily basis with Ma William the head of that group -a sort of matriarch, so to speak.

They each represent “characters” and speak of “everyday situations” in that community and which are also representative of situations in many other communities throughout the island and even the Caribbean at-large.

The Virtual Book Tour will run from 13-18 May 2012. Persons wishing to follow the tour can do so by visiting Giftus’ blog at Visitors will be able to pick up a free chapter of the book, leave comments at the various tour stops, and purchase their copy of the book Ma William and Her Circle of Friends via the blog.

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