Caribbean news. FRIDAY MAY 16, 2014, KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES – President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association Julian Jack is facing a Vote of No-Confidence from at least twenty-eight of the organization’s affiliates.

According to a letter dated May 5th 2014, signed by the Smashers Cricket Club captain Marvin Harry and addressed to Samuel Holder – secretary of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association captioned: ‘President of the SVGCA – A Special meeting for No-Confidence’, “I am writing to you that the Smashers Cricket Club is respectfully submitting this letter as a request for a Special Meeting to move a Motion of No-Confidence in president Julian Jack, and subsequently to have an election of the entire executive body immediately.”

The May 05, 2014 dated letter also lists ten reasons for their decision. “Although the list of examples is by no means all inclusive; rather it serves as examples of concerns,” the letter further states.

Amongst the reasons alleged for the No-Confidence motion are the dismal state of youth cricket which has seen the National Under-15 team placing last over the past seven years in the Windward Islands Under-15 Cricket tournament; the incompetent chairmanship of the female cricket committee, the refusal to increase prize monies while at the same time large sums of monies are spent on items such as big screen television set at the secretariat, conflict of interest, and continued bias towards certain cricket teams.

The Smashers Cricket Club letter contends that “Julian Jack has been president for over a decade, and over his time, cricket in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has steadily deteriorated in terms of performance, morale, direction, damaging the perception of SVGCA’ s integrity, and most, vision.”

Julian Jack. Photo courtesy

Julian Jack. Photo courtesy

According to Section II (iii) of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association Constitution, Special General Meetings shall be held upon written request of any thirty (30) financial members of the association, representing not less than one-third (1/3)  of affiliated teams/clubs.

Additionally the secretary shall summon such meetings on the date not later than twenty-one days of receipt of such a request. According to the Smashers Cricket Club captain the May 05, 2014 letter, “I anticipate this special meeting for election to be called no later than 31 May 2014. Failure to do so could have serious implications.”

In conclusion, the letter pointed out that “SVG Cricket is an important element of our country, and it is imperative that we have a serious, committed, and efficient person at the helm.

“My club is confident that a new president of the SVGCA can lead, manage, and restore our cricket to the high level and standard that we experienced under the previous president, and can now move beyond with new available opportunities. Our cricketers and country deserve better.”

No word has been received on a meeting convened of the SVGCA executive committee earlier this week in response to the Smashers Cricket Club May 05, 2014 letter, but sources close to the SVGCA has informed this reporter that there are a number of issues, which tipped the scale against the incumbent.

Having been voted in just about a year ago, the source said that programmes and policies that were agreed to leading up to the re-election of Julian Jack is being ignored, and the Smashers Cricket Club took the lead on behalf of the affiliated clubs and teams. (Robertson S. Henry/