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One of the most important questions for vacationers is “What’s the weather like in….?” We answer the question for you, and will show you the current weather conditions in Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint Martin, as well as monthly average temperatures and rainfall for the island, which is blessed with sun almost year round.

There is no specific rainy season on the island, but one does exist for hurricanes: between July through November with the highest likelyhood in early September. Marine weather information is available on a day-to-day basis at every marina’s harbormaster’s office.
The average temperature of the crystal clear waters surrounding St Maarten/St Martin ranges from 78-80F in the winter, and 82-84F in the summer.

The winds blow a fairly regular 15 knots from mid-November to mid-April. In the summer, thermal effects and tropical waves can bring a bit stronger drafts, and rain showers are to be expected. They are usually brief, but intense.Temperatures as shown on this site usually refer to the weather station at Princess Juliana Airport (SXM).

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