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St. Lucia’s Dirty Little Secret

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Lucian Blogger Norbert'Nobbie' Williams. Photo courtesy Facebook

Social commentary. Thirty four years ago, as a teenager living at Mongiraud, Gros Islet, I was as carefree as any young boy could be. The world was a simpler place, and my days were nothing more than balmy experiences on Reduit beach, playing football on the sand, swimming, or just lazing around watching the day go by as the waves lapped at the shore along that stretch of beach we all know so well from the base of Morne Pimard to the old Gros Islet cemetery. That stretch of golden sand was where you had to be, to be in-it.

One night, during my blissful existence, I left my parents’ house, in that area of Mongiraud now known as Sugar City, and waited by the roadside for a ride to Castries to attend a party at a friend’s house at Hospital Road. In those days public transportation anytime after 7 PM was a rare occurrence. Nevertheless, nothing would keep me away from the party action that night.
As I stood by the roadside hitching a ride a two door sports car drove by at high speed and slammed on the brakes soon after. Coming to a quick stop the reverse lights came on and the car reversed towards where I was standing. As it pulled up and stopped near me I queried the driver, “You going to town?” He quickly replied, “Hop inside, lets go.”
The driver put the car into first gear (it was a manual), revved the engine, and in a peal of burning rubber we were off . Along the way we engaged in some unmemorable chit chat. As we passed Sunny Acres and neared the left hand turn near the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School the driver backed down to a lower gear as we were about to negotiate that corner. Coming out of the corner near Monplaisir Supplies he shifted gear again. I was loving the ride, as most people love fast cars and a race car experience; and to top it all off I was making good time on my way to the party.
Just as he completed the gear change I felt his hand touch my knee. I thought it was just an inadvertent occurrence since it was a very small car and a stick shift. However within a few seconds I realized this was no accident and that this man was caressing my knee and leg. I was stunned! My first thought was “this guy wants to bool me.” I looked out the window and realized we were just rounding the corner near Monplaisir’s Supplies and considered bailing out of the car since I was quite alarmed, however my better judgement decided against it. No words could come from my mouth as I was in a state of pure shock and disbelief. His hand went back to the gearstick. A few more knee rubs and caresses later we were quickly near the Castries Market. He blasted through the Jeremie Street intersection and we were on the La Toc Road. I was resolute that if this dirty bastard touched me again I would grab the steering wheel and wreck the car with both of us in it.
For those who remember the time when there was no Millennium Highway, there used to be some large fuel storage tanks on the Victoria Hospital grounds at Bananes. As we neared that location I said, “I taking it here.” Before the car could even come to a complete stop I had bailed out. The bastard had the nerve to ask me, “You want me to come back and pick you up after the party?”  I melted into the darkness.

Photo courtesy wwwarabiangazettecom

Photo courtesy www.arabiangazette.com

Fortunately I am not scarred by this event which did not end as terribly as it has for so many others. There is no doubt in my mind what this man’s intentions were. In fact, subsequently I have heard about his propensity for young boys. He is a well known lawyer in St. Lucia! He is not a cricket announcer.
I started off  with this personal experience to simply state that I understand where many sex abuse and child molestation victims find themselves unwittingly at the hands of their abusers.
During the past week and a half social media, particularly Facebook, has exploded because of the exposure of a St. Lucian individual who took a plea deal in a child molestation case. This case had been adjourned multiple times over the past two years and had finally come to a head. The actions by certain individuals online have resulted in the colossal interest in this case which would have never been realized had it been left alone. Things happen for a reason.
We find ourselves at a very important juncture at this time since child molestation and sexual abuse have been a very constant discussion in St. Lucia for decades. Lets not stick our heads in the sand as we have all heard the stories. Especially in small islands like St Lucia those individuals perpetrating such acts against children and other persons enjoy the protection of too many who do not want to know the dirty truth.
Because so many have been silent to these despicable crimes among us for so long, and the mere fact they would have to face these crimes of the past and discuss the consequences, they are now afraid that too many dirty closets will be opened and that countless skeletons will be exposed. The unearthing of these complicit involvements and the tacit approvals will cause many to shudder at what has been allowed to be perpetuated against the children of St Lucia.
There is enough anecdotal evidence in St. Lucia supporting the concerns we all have pertaining to this scourge of child molestation. This evidence also puts, up front and center, the complicit involvement of so many individuals who should be the ones protecting our children. In fact all too often it is their children. For more similar articles visit http://blog.onelucian.com/



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