Vee Simmons, Entertainment Correspondent

Vee Simmons, Entertainment Correspondent

Entertainment commentary. GeeStor Productions put on a wonderful anniversary entertainment show for Slim at Hackney Empire Theatre, in a great atmosphere, it was a SOLD OUT affair.

Happy 20 years in the comedy business Slim!!!  The performers starring on the night were:

  • Slim
  • Kat the host
  • A.Dot

This article has been written in celebration of Danny Gray – Slim’s success in the comedy industry for 20 years. This exceptionally talented South London born comedian, of Jamaican parentage, is not only attractive but damn funny. He won an Award for ‘Best Male’ comedian at the U.K Black Entertainment Comedy Awards.

He performed his magnificent original, outrageous tongue in cheek comical style at the Hackney Empire on 7th February 2015, which brought the house down with laughter.   He performed a full value for money show, his versatile comedy appeals to all ages, man or woman, if you could not make the first one; he offered you the late night show. Customers received fun and comedy rolling past 1am in the morning – now that takes stamina!!

Slim regularly performs up and down the country, internationally touring Europe, Germany, Holland, the Caribbean and Los Angeles U.S.A. One of his first breaks was with Curtis Walker and later performed with the late creative genius Felix Dexter. Slim did the ”Bill Bellemy” tour, John Witherspoon, Eddie Griffin, Mark Curry and worked with Kevin Hart and yes was the first Black U.K comic to perform in the Hollywood Comedy Store.

Slim’s credentials and finely sharpened skills have proudly served him well to keep the audience entertained.  He easily spoils the audience with hilarious jokes.  On the night he was supported by Kat the Host and A. Dot who warmed up the stage for Slim’s supreme show.


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A.Dot cracked his OMG, it is not easy being a man jokes!! He only wanted to be in a gang (if necessary by 50% LOL) not wanting to fight but having to show his courage.

Then having to duck and dive rebuffs from women who did not desire him, in front of everyone on a bus, kicking him like footballs, hurting his manliness and ego – to boot!!  He gets mad with some women and gets their number by terrorising them LOL.

He jovially gave tips to the ladies in the audience, which was outrageously funny.




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The cute astonishing Kat hosted the show with his usual comedy and high energy performance. He gave lots of eye contact to his receptive audience.

He warmed up the audience nicely with killer short stories. He was inclusive and side-splitting in his attempts to get you laughing.

He showed off his comical athletic gyrations and told humorous stories one of which was a secret on how he landed himself a TV spot.

However he cracked a laid back joke in gradual stages on how he bewilderingly messed it all up, LOL!!

It brought tears to the audience’s eyes seeing him effortlessly explaining how he had the bright lights on him, as he re-enacted his disbelief at how he messed up, whilst he shook his head as he walked up and down the stage.


His TV stardom seemed to diminish and vanish, soon as you could say sorry. I think that is what he was trying to say??? LOL!!

Slim – He is versatile, witty and astute in the way he captivated his audience who followed his comical jokes and ‘take the mickey’ humour.

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Photo courtesy

As cool as a cucumber Slim walks on stage and told us about his 20 years on stage, giving thanks.

If you didn’t know this about Slim he used to work on the buses. He gave the audience a shockingly funny ‘couldn’t care less’ story about his life working on the buses.

Importantly, he says “black people don’t like to be cold on the bus”, also he talked about the way he had to get people off the bus, due to him just having a bad day!!

These stories were flabbergastingly funny, with uproarious laughter from the audience who had a wicked sense of humour as they conjured the moment, not surprisingly there were many people laughing.

Slim notorious for his dazzling undercover cusses!!!  Said to the audience “He didn’t like listening to the news at the beginning of the year, as all he could hear about was bad news and deaths. Intelligently he worked the room with the French news and questioned the audience, is there really ‘FREEDOM of SPEECH’?? And what isn’t good for us, will “KILL US”.  It was beyond belief, but so true and astutely he sent laughter up from the theatre seat stalls, to the upper circles and that was astonishing.

Followers love Slim’s jokes

The majority of people can appreciate Slim’s jokes. He even took the mickey out on the middle class and internet cyber issues and when one is ready they can cuss too!!! He was inclusive with his question style jokes and merciless in his attempts to get you laughing.

Surprisingly, Slim used a few of his favourite stories and though extremely funny, the fans that follow him may have been looking for another angle to the stories. Let’s be honest the story about the kidnappers, you could run that for a life time.

Slim took his kids on holiday. There was the ‘Dad’s annoyed’ animated humour, he more than tickled the audience, using his vivid eyes, as he joked with the audience about holiday money, lost children and hospital issues to boot!

The place filled up with laughter at the plane jokes relating to first and second class. My lips are sealed, but when you see him, you may get to hear that joke, it is a killer and very funny.

Slim had everyone laughing as he continued to crack quick one liner merciless jokes, including relationship caught out stories. He said “don’t work with your friends, it leads to being sacked” and he went on and on about the work he ended up doing on the streets LOL, which was hilarious.

One lady behind me did not stop laughing. Many of the jokes were, tickle naughty, respectably so, however the risqué and more border line it was the more she did those smutty bawdy laughing and yes it was a woman not a man, carrying on like that – Jesus LOL!!!

Towards the end of his show, he mentioned being on TV, but yes he has, he performed on TV such as; ‘Nights Out at the Empire’, ”Little Miss Jocelyn”, TV Comedy Factory, BBC2’s The A Force, MTV’s dating game ‘Singled Out’, many more including ‘The Richard Blackwood Show’ Channel 4. Talking about Richard Blackwood guys , he came along to support his fellow comedian colleague Slim on his one man night show!!

Q  What do I think?

Slim put on an uproarious momentary comedy show. The night was a magnificent success with good humour and bawdy laughter in some places. This is what you want, to be able to sit down and be entertained in a live atmosphere with good people and funny comedians, with everyone appreciating a nice night out at the theatre in North London town.

By Vee Simmons
Entertainment correspondent. 11th February 2015