Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

Caribbean news. It was a dark, cloudy Friday  the 13th for Jamaica’s capital, Kingston. The fire at Riverton Dump that started on Wednesday could not be tamed as it worsen on Thursday night due to strong winds. Many citizens were greeted by smoke in their neighbourhoods as the fire had grown twice its original size by Friday morning despite efforts to control it.

Several schools were cancelled, businesses closed down, many people complained of breathing problems and watery eyes and hospitals had more patients due to respiratory problems.

Streets near Riverton were reported to be thickly clouded. According to the, approximately 70 fire fighters were on scene. However, the fire did not quell.

People nearby have been forced to leave their homes. Smoke from the fire had reportedly spread over parts of two parishes- Kingston and St. Catherine. The situation is expected to worsen and the earliest resolution date given was Monday, March 16.

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