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Caribbean news. A panel of distinguished speakers including the Caribbean’s most prolific exponent on reparations, University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles; internationally acclaimed Reparationist, Jurisconsult, dynamic community advocate and radio Broadcaster Esther Stanford-Xosei; and Harry Goulbourne, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Race & Ethnicity Research Centre, South Bank University, London came together to discuss the topic British Reparations for Caribbean Slavery: Why When and How.Panel

This third Dr Eric Williams Panel Discussion was organised by the The British Foundation for the University of the West Indies in collaboration with Institute of the Americas, University College London was held on 24th June 2014. Distinguished guests included High Commissioner acting for Barbados Mr Donville Johnson, Deputy High Commissioner for Jamaica Mrs Deidre Mills; and Trade and Business Facilitator at the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission, Ms Karen Thomas.

The event was moderated by Mr Hal Austin senior editor, financial adviser at the Financial Times. As was expected the presentations were very informative as the context of the Triangular Slave Trade, the Middle Passage and chattel slavery were focused on and clarified for the audience’s full understanding. Though there was general consensus that there was a strong case for reparatory justice for the descendants of Caribbean slavery, irrespective of the form it takes, there was some discord between Professor Goulbourne and Professor Beckles on the method or mode to be employed in achieving the ultimate objective.

Esther Xosei

Esther Xosei rendered her contribution in her usual upbeat passionate and uncompromising way that resonated well with the audience. There was much participation from the audience which also comprised members of the white British community. From all appearances the event surpassed expectations proving yet again the relevance and utility of the topics proffered by the BFUWI for public discussion.

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