Poet Michaellee James’ triumphs and challenges create powerful and illustrative prose

Author Michaellee James

Author Michaellee James

LONDON – “Attitude towards life’s circumstances will determine the heights to which one aspires and the altitude of their success,” says poet Michaellee James. Her new book of poetry, “I’M THINKING…”artfully renders James’ struggles through life in poetry, connecting with readers from all walks of life and inspiring them to strive for greater heights.

“Whatever may come one’s way, a positive attitude is the key to an eagle’s flight,” says James. “The present is a powerful place to be for it is the strategic point from which one can influence the future.”

The inspiration for James’ poetry comes from her struggles as a child. James was an extremely ill, premature baby. Her circumstances greatly affected her early educational attainment. By the age of 14, she still could not read. Her years at primary and secondary school were, by any standards, very difficult, and most times she was deemed hopeless.

Despite her setbacks, James persevered. Her poetry evokes the emotional pain and success she experienced throughout her childhood.

Of her experiences, James says, “I can only conclude that some circumstances in life not only come to make us laugh. Some situations plunge us into despair but are not meant to scare us or to make us run away, but are to make us strong. My aim is to inspire hope and laughter, and to encourage us to resolve to be successful, regardless of the circumstances.”


By Michaellee James

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 188 pages | ISBN 9781481796774

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 188 pages | ISBN 9781481796606

E-Book | 188 pages | ISBN 9781481796781

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