Olive Guillais-Lazure

Olive Guillais-Lazure

In Community talk. What a weekend it has been, as the world watched the final journey of Nelson Mandela as he was laid to rest.

Mind you, not everyone was wrapped up in it, as some of us have been engrossed in our own personal life issues.  Nonetheless, it was a weekend that I happened to be totally immersed in, and choose not to forget.

There are several things that struck a chord about Mandela for me this particular weekend.  One of them was how community spirited a person he was.  In remembering, my first post that talks about ‘Unity in our community’ is that:

‘Community’ is not just referring to your neighbourhood, your district, your village.  Community is our society, the public, group of people, our world at large’. 

One of the world's great leaders, Nelson Mandela. Photo courtesy consortiumnews.com

One of the world’s great leaders, Nelson Mandela. Photo courtesy consortiumnews.com

Mandela’s story can be used as the epitome of what I was referring to, by and large, working collectively for the betterment of our communities.  He demonstrated the true meaning of ‘community’, through his words and actions.  He did not compromise his principles!  He practised what he preached!

Furthermore, his passion in educating communities in human rights and humanitarian aid was unwavering, and consistent through his words and actions.

We have far too many talkers in our communities, not practising what they preach!

My wish is that Mandela’s ‘community spirited’ legacy continues to thrive in our communities for many generations.

What strikes a chord for you in the Mandela story; and What lessons have you learnt?