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Martinique’s year-round warm temperatures are sure to bring a smile to the face of every vacationer.

Martinique’s location in the center of the Caribbean’s eastern archipelago means it’s at a great location – the temperature varies usually no more than a few degrees all year round. Wintertime lows can reach down to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while summertime highs usually climb no higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

While on many islands, rainy and dry seasons can be of major importance, it’s hardly noticeable on Martinique. April, Martinique’s driest month, has measurable rainfall and average of 13 days out of the month. Meanwhile September, the wettest month, nearly doubles the number of measurably rainy days. However, even in September a spell of rainy days is a rarity, and showers are usually sparse.

Of course, Martinique’s mountainous terrain also plays a part in the temperatures you’ll experience. While low-lying areas like Fort-de-France may be hot and humid during the summer months, a climb into the mountains can help immeasurably in cooling travelers down. Trade winds, here called les alizés , can also provide a cooling influence.

Though Martinique’s weather doesn’t change much year round, travelers still hold to the usual Caribbean high and low seasons. Travelers may want to consider a summertime vacation, to catch the blooming flowers, or spend a bit of time in the water – it’s clearest in May, June, and July. Those on a tight budget may want to stop in during the least-traveled months: late August, September, October, and early November experience much lower tourist traffic.

One reason travelers choose to stay away from the Caribbean in the summer and early fall is hurricanes. These tempests can be a deterrent for many vacationers , but rarely hit the islands. Though hurricanes can cause quite a bit of damage, hotels and other travel-related businesses are usually understanding and willing to work something out with you should your plans be set for just after a hurricane has passed by.

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