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Macka lyrically slaughtered by Lady Saw

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Staff Writer Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica news. On December 27, 2013, the talk on the street and on social media was Sting 2013.  Who “shot”, who flopped; who died and who killed.

The night saw two man clashes; the highly anticipated clash between Lady Saw and Macka Diamond and a surprise clash between Kiprich and Black Ryno.

As for Lady Saw and Macka Diamond; as was expected, Lady Saw walked away with the win.

In fact many are claiming that Macka Diamond was slaughtered; to the point where she even conceded victory, while on stage, stating “Mi a die trying”.

This clash was more of a tracing match than anything else.  Both ladies were doing more talking than deejaying.  However, when they did decide to spit lyrics, Lady Saw proved the better of the two.

Macka took an offensive position, leaving Saw to take the defensive.  This worked perfectly in favour of Lady Saw, as she had lyrics prepared for every attack Macka came with; from her love life which was on the rocks earlier this year, to her tax problems.

The victor Lady Saw Photo courtesy djkaascom

The victor, Lady Saw. Photo courtesy djkaas.com

Lady Saw put in lyrics,  that she took back her man because he is that good; rendering Macka’s lyrics about John John leaving Saw, completely useless.  To close the coffin on Macka, John John was reportedly in the audience “bussing blanks” when Saw was performing.

Sometimes, it seemed Macka was even forgetting her lyrics; when Saw unleashed her inner diva, seemingly causing Macka to lose her nerves.  It was like the Kartel/Mavado clash all over again, when Mavado kept saying “level”.  In Macka’s case, her go to word was “low”.

At one point this clash got so heated, it seemed to be taking a physical turn; however, this was not the case; as both ladies delivered only lyrical punches.

In the end though, the consensus was that Lady Saw took the clash hands down; no questions asked.



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