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Staff Writer Latoya Wakefield

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

Entertainment news. Dancehall’s newest sensation has many people wanting a touch of him. Robert Lee Malcolm aka Gully Bop moved from the streams of the gutter to Sting’s golden throne when his YouTube video blazed through every Jamaican smartphone.

At first, it was hilarious to see a ‘homeless man’ spitting lyrics like that.Initially it was like a gimmick then people actually listened to his lyrics. Shortly after, he was featured at the infamous Sting and according to the crowd, ‘him shell it’.

Gully Bop is particularly interesting to the masses because his story is one from rags to riches. At age 50, homeless and rumoured to be mentally ill, he is a star that is quickly rising, probably at the fastest speed that this beautiful island has ever seen.

Gully Bop Sting 2014 Photo courtesy urbanislandzcom

Gully-Bop-Sting-2014. Photo courtesy urbanislandz.com

He is truly inspiring though his lyrics might not be particularly clean. He is definitely one to keep an eye on,drama aside, his rise to fame might not fall soon. In conclusion, his success is one that exemplifies no matter what your circumstances are, you can make it. Clichéd but true…See interview below



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